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Rob has a fair question for us today: I want to buy a LiftMaster RSL12V, are there any accessories that I need to buy to install this gate opener?

Answer: Well Rob, the RSL12V already has the battery backup built in as well as the new Security+2.0 receiver, you will however need to determine the quantity and then purchase your remote control transmitters as these are not included… Now as far as the peripherals go, that’s a whole other ball game. For example, if you want to have the gate open automatically as you approach it to leave, then you will need an exit probe. If you are planning to use the Auto-close feature on your gate, then it is always recommended to add a photo-electric cell, this will prevent your gate from accidentally closing on a vehicle. You will need to determine how your guests will gain access to your property, do you want a telephone entry unit, keypad or just the ability to allow ingress via a remote. So the first thing to do is determine what your needs will be, after that, it is all downhill… So, keep those questions coming, and I will continue to try to keep those answers interesting!!!

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