Marty in Alberta, Canada sent us this question: Good morning, I am having trouble getting my gate to work with my 2014 GMC built in remote system It points me to this site in the owner’s manual. Have you heard of anyone else having trouble and can you find someone to help me?

Answer: Marty the ‘HomeLink’ system is a GM product that emulates a remote transmitter frequency. If you have a “rolling code” receiver you must first teach your vehicle the frequency and then program your vehicle into your garage door opener or gate operator as if it was another transmitter or clicker… Best advice I can give you is take your vehicle to the dealer and have them program your frequency in – it ought to be free, then when you get home find and press the learn button on the door operator you want to program and within 90 seconds press the chosen button on your truck twice… The operator should trigger but if you continue to have issues or if you do get in a jam you can also call HomeLink® Customer Care at 1-800-355-3515, and I am sure that they can walk you thru the programming…

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