Lamar of Royal Ridge asked: I need to contact Verizon to hook up a dedicated phone line for the modem. Does the keypad use that same phone line when the option is selected to dial a resident’s phone number? If so, does this dual use of the same telephone line affect modem communication when simultaneously dialing in from a pc and a guest dialing a homeowner's phone number via the keypad?

Answer: Wow, if I understood the question correctly, yes it does… of course when you dial in from your computer to program your telephone entry system it will tie up the line so that your visitors will have to wait… you do however have options you know right? You can send the information at a prearranged time of the night when traffic thru the gate is minimal, you also have the choice of having your gate open with the telephone entry is unavailable or you can simply take a chance and have the visitor wait a couple of minutes (it normally takes about 1 minute to send changes to any type of telephone entry system) until the changes are sent and the telephone entry resumes its normal operations. Have questions regarding our products?

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