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Fences are a popular security measure that has been embraced by property owners, who often go ahead and electrify them as an extra deterrent to unauthorized entry. Your gate also forms part of this barrier, but many people are squeamish about the cost of automating their driveway gates, especially if it is a residential property. What they don’t know is that the benefits might easily exceed the installation cost and are pretty low maintenance in most cases.

Automated driveway gates can give you the increasingly rare peace of mind of knowing that your property is safe day and night. You can use it to regulate traffic into and out of your premises and even monitor the ongoing. It enables you to leverage modern technology for an intuitive access control system. Stick around for our breakdown of the key advantages of having automated gates for your driveway.

They Provide a Better Platform to Secure and Protect Your Property, Assets and Occupants

While the simple presence of a gate and other safety devices will deter your regular criminal, the ability to control it from afar with a gate opener makes it even more secure as you don’t have to see them eye to eye, you can lock them out, and you will have time to react in case they force their way into the premises.

An automated driveway gate also gives the impression that you take your security seriously and there might be other security measures in place. This is a deterrent on its own.

Automated gates provide a platform for setting up an entire security system, ensuring you have the property under control. You can link lights, alarm systems, video surveillance, intercom and other tools to the system at a lower cost than you would incur if you had them installed separately because they come as a package.

It also prevents your children and pets from wandering outside without supervision, where they can get involved in accidents or get lost. They cannot pry the gates open, unlike manual gates. They are always chasing a stray ball or innocently following other children or pets out of curiosity.

You can control the entire perimeter regardless of the property size because you determine who enters or leaves the compound. You can issue passcodes or card readers to authorize passage for key people so they can let themselves in and out. You will be able to monitor their movement, mitigating instances of vandalism and theft.

The ability to open the gate from the safety of your car with an access control system when driving back home at night is another plus for an automated driveway gate.

Enhanced Privacy

Automated gate operators enable you to fortify boundaries that have been established to protect your space from external intrusion. They protect your desired solitude by ensuring cold callers and overbearing neighbors can no longer sneak up on you.

With surveillance and other gate safety devices, you can know who is at the security gate and what is going on in your neighborhood without going outdoors. You get to decide who comes in and when to let them in.

An automated gate grants control over the traffic in your driveway, so you will not have to deal with unknown vehicles or damaged lawns courtesy of motorists using your driveway to turn their cars. They also bar foreign animals from entering your yard and contaminating it with pesky critters or agitating your pets.

It is within your right to pick a high gate so you can even block the view into your yard from outside. This helps in mitigating prying eyes from nosy neighbors, intrusive stares and enticement of deviant behavior. Because most automated gates will be located a distance from the main building, it is hard to look into the house from the outside.

automated gate with caution sign

Automation Offers Convenience

You don’t need to get out of your car in bad weather like rain or storms or leave your small children unattended in the car to open the gate when you have the right gate system in place. It is worse when you have to work through a bunch of keys and/ or heavy chains every time you come home or need to get out. You may be hurt or have mobility issues that make walking to the gate daunting.

Many keyless options for gaining entry into your home suit different needs. You can open the gate remotely from inside the car or house using remote controls for your automatic gate system or from wherever you are with your smartphone, provided there is internet connectivity. Some smart gates can even sense that the car is already inside and close automatically without further instruction.

There are also card readers and keypads that authorized people can use to gain entry without the administrator’s input, as long as they have the credentials. This allows you to leave the gate unmanned without worrying. You will get a log of whoever went through the gate for future reference, as every credential is unique.

With cameras and intercoms or a telephone entry system, you are even able to establish who is at the gate and decide whether you will let them in or not without leaving your seat.

They Raise the Property’s Curb Appeal

A nice functional gate gives a good first impression and is more secure than a traditional chain link fence. As much as it is meant to be a deterrent, when the gate opens to let the guests in, it makes the home seem more inviting. In a business setting, it positively impacts the customers mentality towards your proposal.

Automated gates come in all shapes, sizes and designs, meaning there is the freedom to customize your setup to blend with the yard's layout and the property's overall style. Automation offers a unique opportunity to decorate the façade functionally.

They Increase the Value of the Property

When the property is appraised after the installation of automated gates, they will factor in that measures have been taken to secure it against vandalism, crime and accidents, which raises its value.

The curb appeal also influences the market value as first impressions have a way of swaying potential buyers. This will come in handy when you are selling. The perception of safety also aids in convincing them of the house’s homeliness.

The extra safety features may also get you a significant discount on your home insurance. Insurers will view it as a low-risk cover. They are also confident of getting evidence whenever there is an incidence, thanks to the related security features like gate logs and cameras. Subsidized insurance rates are some of the perks potential buyers are looking for; it will be easier for you to stick to your asking price.

If you would like more information about automated gates or would like help picking out the right one for your home, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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