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Slide gate openers provide top-notch security from any outside interference. Slide gate openers are used for both residential and commercial purposes. Commercial slide gate operators are designed for heavy duty use in commercial / industrial applications. The LiftMaster CSL24U is one of the best performing slide gate openers in the market for commercial use.

A heavy duty commercial slide gate opener should be utilized in situations requiring a large number of cycles per day. Slide gate openers have a motorized gear wheel that moves the gate left or right at a right angle to the driveway. The power gets transmitted from the motor gear wheel to the gate following a ‘gear rack’ that is mounted on the gate. This LiftMaster commercial slide gate opener model has a control panel which is mounted at the gate. The gate can be opened using a remote or using a keypad. 

Features of LiftMaster CSL24U Slide Gate Opener

LED Diagnostic Display – Ensuring simple installation and quick troubleshooting

Solar-ready Ultra-reliable System – Power is delivered through solar conversion as needed and is power efficient to maximize the solar performance

Programmable Auxiliary Relays – Quick addition of features like alarms and warning lights

POSILOCK – The operator has powered automatically and returns the gate to the closed position when the gate is pushed off close limit.

Pre-Motion Warning Alarm – The onboard alarm gets activated in 3 seconds prior to the gate option

Anti-Tailgate – Idle to prevent unauthorized access and the gate will pause when closing as the vehicle pulls onto interrupt loop

Quick Close – The gate gets closed immediately after a vehicle pulls off the interrupt loop

HOMELINK Compatible – Version 4 and higher

Specifications and Construction of LiftMaster CSL24U Slide Gate Opener

  • Power – 120V/230V Single Phase
  • Accessory Power – 24VDC 500mA Output Switched and Un-switched Power
  • Monitored Safety Inputs – 3 Main Board, 3 Optional Expansion Board
  • Temperature Specifications – Without Heater, it is -4 Degrees F to 140 Degrees F and With Optional Heater it is -40 Degrees F to 140 Degrees F
  • UL Usage Classification – I, II, III, and IV
  • P3 Motor – 24VDC Continuous-duty Motor
  • Operator Duty Rating – High-Cycle, High-Temperature Continuous Duty
  • Chassis – Constructed with ¼” Gold Zinc-Plated Steel for Rust Prevention
  • Worm Gear Reduction – Commercial Oil Bath Gearbox Providing 10:1 Worn Gear Reduction
  • Cover – High-Density, UV-Polycarbonate 2-Piece
  • Operator Weight – 140 Lbs.
The slide gate operator is built for the most demanding situations and the gate operator is equipped with a P3 motor. Slide gate openers have a number of advantages over swing gates. The sliding gate requires less space and it allows the full length of the driveway to be used for parking vehicles. It will also work on an upward sloping driveway where a pair of swing gates would not be able to open inward.

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