Now Janice in Texas wants a new gate operator and asked us about it: I want to purchase an Apollo solar gate opener for my entrance gate. My gate is a single swing gate, 15ft long by 5 Ft tall....I want a good, strong, fast, quality gate opener with all the components I will need to install it. Can you help me please?

Answer: Of course we can help Janice, this is exactly what we do… We have the complete solar system designed with you in mind, it will include an Apollo 1500 system with built in receiver, two APL-320N transmitters, one Apollo APL-951N wireless keypad an Apollo SG-4 solar regulator and an Apollo APL-212 20 Watt photovoltaic cell… Only thing left for you to buy is the recommended deep cycle marine battery which is readily available at any PepBoys or NAPA auto parts and should provide you with approximately 300 open/close cycles between charges to keep your gate operational even thru extended periods of inclement weather. So please keep those questions coming, also if any of you installers run into something juicy out there that I can help with, please write to me and let me know as I am sure that we would love to tackle some the more industrial and commercial questions. Have questions regarding our products?

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