Alan from California has a unique situation and he asked us: I bought an Extra 365LM about 3 years ago as a 'spare'. Unfortunately, now that I need it, it doesn't work. Lights come on, but it doesn't program the transmitters that the other ones used to. I believe the original unit passed away during a power surge in my area. It didn't take out all three, just one of the units, so I guess I was lucky. I know it is discontinued, but as a new in box unit, is there any consideration before I toss it? I know I should have tested it three years ago, but lights came on and I just assumed it was working. Thanks

Answer: Hopefully I can make your day seem good even in lieu of the bad news I may have for you. First let me tell you that I am sorry but your 365LM receiver is indeed out of warranty and more than likely it isn’t working because the relays have corroded from sitting for so long, and you are also correct about the 365LM being discontinued, however that being said, I still have two in stock and readily available for delivery at just $27.55 each. For the 365LM replacement check out the 88 MyQ Control Panel. Have questions regarding our products?

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