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Modern security gates do more than merely secure the business. They are a part of the workforce management system, and their functionality is scalable through retrofitting and accessorizing. They can be enhanced to make your business more secure and to optimize its utility in different ways.

Today we will look at common methods of priming your security gate for business use to maximize returns on your investment.

How to Enhance Your Security Gate for Business Performance

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1. Keep the Security Gate Well Serviced

When you schedule a cleaning routine or gate repair, it should involve inspecting the gate for damages and the need for service so that it doesn’t deteriorate without your knowledge. Water and other corrosive debris like citric acid should be cleaned and dried to prevent any damage from getting to the hinges and gears. The gate does no good if it is rotting off its hinges.

Lubricate the moving parts, so it doesn’t get stuck midway during gate automation. This also mitigates wear and tear on an automated gate system as there is less friction when the parts rub against each other.

2. Camera Installation

If camera installation doesn’t come as a package with your security gate, you should figure out a way to include surveillance cameras in your access control budget for maximum security.

They keep a record of everything at the gate for future reference. Cameras can capture critical evidence in case there is an incident. This, by default, makes them a deterrent to most potential deviants as they know they can be identified.

Cameras also enable you to identify who is calling at the gate so that you can make an informed decision about letting them in without facing them directly. You can effectively manage the access point remotely.

3. Deploy an Intercom System

An intercom or access control system can be deployed independently or in conjunction with surveillance cameras and security services. The speaker at the gate allows the visitors to identify themselves and state their business. You can converse without putting yourself or any other person at risk.

You can let the visitors in from wherever you are once you have verified their credentials. This goes beyond safety to convenience. Learn more about finding the right telephone entry system from our blog.

4. Alarm Systems

Modern alarm systems are sophisticated and can be set to notify you of specific occurrences. You can set the system to notify the police so that you get a reaction even when you are not on the premises. Make it obvious that intruders risk triggering an alarm through signage at all your entry or exit points.

The thought of the alarm and knowledge of the security system might be sufficient to deter intruders; if it doesn’t, the actual alarm will. The security system notifies you and security services in time to check the cameras before it is too late to do anything about the intruder.

5. Integrate Motion Sensors

Motion sensors play different roles in access control systems. They can be paired with the alarm to notify you of an intruder before they even get to the gate, or you can incorporate them as part of security gate control enhancements.

The gate can be programmed to shut itself as soon as the vehicle has entered the premises. This enhances security at the access point by preventing tailgating or unauthorized access while the gates are still open.

6. Give Your Workers Unique Credential IDs

This kind of security improvement can be applied in many ways. Once you create profiles for employees in the system, they can use unique PINs on a keypad lock system, access cards, biometrics, or remote controls to let themselves in and out of the premises.

It automatically creates a log of activities that can be referred to when an issue arises. You can tell where people were at the time of the occurrence or even identify the culprit if they are in-house.

The fact that everyone who needs to get in can now do so on their own also relieves you from gatekeeping duties, so you can focus on more productive work.

7. Install Security Lights

Security lights can help you spot an intruder from afar, which allows the peace of mind of knowing nobody will sneak up on you. This is an especially good way to improve security in gated communities. Security lights also deter potential intruders and criminals by instilling a feeling of vulnerability, as they can be spotted anytime. The right security lights for your gate enhance the functionality of other security features like cameras as everything is clearer.

Lighting up the gate also prevents accidents by pedestrians, cyclists and drivers who may not see it at night. Your own people may be involved in these accidents, especially if the gate is dark. Sometimes when the weather is horrible, it is hard to tell when the gate is fully open.

8. Continuous Operation

Your security gate can potentially lock you inside or outside if it stops working and you don’t have a backup plan. It will expose you to all the risks you were trying to avoid for the duration it is not working. It is, therefore, important to start thinking of ways to make it continuously operational for all eventualities.

Security gates are most vulnerable to power outages and extreme weather conditions. If the business sits in harsh weather conditions, you should use industrial strength components and accessories exclusively to reduce short-circuiting or jamming.

The system should have backup power that kicks in during a power outage. You should also consider solar adaptability, which enables your system to run on the sun’s energy even when the grid is down. Many access control tools also have a system override function that enables you to revert to manual operation.

9. Cloud Backup

Technology enables the communication between all your security devices. This is essential if you need to run your access control system from outside the premises. It also keeps your logs safe away from the premises, guaranteeing data backup.

By leveraging technology, you are even enabled to control all the devices in your access control setup from a central point, regardless of your distance from the business premises. Apps like myQ bring the whole security ecosystem to your smartphone.

10. Weatherproofing

It is common knowledge that electricity and water don’t mix. The security gate's sockets, motors and other electrical components should be shielded from rain to mitigate short circuits and permanent damage. Ensure no water puddles near the security gate can be splashed onto the gate by passing vehicles.

11. Monitoring Entrapment Zones

An automated gate can cause injury or damage to vehicles when opening or closing. This is why modern gates are equipped with sensors that can detect obstructions in their path. They are programmed to stop or reverse if there is an object in their path.

The Importance of Your Security Gate

Security gates are a physical representation of your company’s dedication to safety. By following these tips, you can be sure that your security gate is up to par and ready to protect your employees, customers, and business as a whole. Do you have any questions about how to improve the safety of your security gate? Our team at All Security Equipment is always happy to help. Feel free to contact us today for more information.

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