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A driveway gate enhances a property’s security and privacy. This is essential to residential and commercial structures to ensure the area is always protected from unauthorized access. Single swing driveway gates are often a good choice for security since they only involve a single gate leaf with easier locking mechanisms.

Considering the design and style of your driveway gate goes a long way for the overall aesthetics. But, let us focus this particular article on one of our ultimate favorites: the single swing driveway gate.

What Is a Single Swing Gate?

A single swing gate is a gate style with only one gate leaf that swings inward, outward, or both. A single gate is the most simple and minimalistic design for a gate. Its straightforward operation makes it a popular choice for many people. Like dual swing gates, the leaf of single swing driveway gates is attached to the side of the gate posts through hinges.

While this gate may look simple, you can modernize the entrance to your property with automation. An electric swing gate can be powered by a motor to open and close. An electronic opening gate is a convenient choice, especially if you don’t want to be bothered by the heaviness of the leaf gate.

Pros and Cons of Single Swing Driveway Gates

Single swing gates come with several advantages. But, it also comes with some setbacks you must consider before installing one. If you are okay with its disadvantages, then you can definitely install this as your security gate.


Easy Installation

A single swing driveway gate is easier to install than a double gate. Instead of using a couple of hinges, the single style only requires one. The hinges are mounted to the gate posts along with other gate hardware. Since there is only one side to work on, the installation is not complicated and requires less time.

More Affordable

Single swing driveway gates are cheaper to install and maintain. Since the design only involves a single leaf, you don’t have to spend much on labor and repair costs. There is also less hardware to buy and replace when needed.

Can Be Automated

Automatic gates are the trend nowadays. A swing gate can either be manually handled or electronically operated with the help of a gate operator. A gate operator is a device many residential and commercial properties use to automate their gates and barriers.

Requires Only a Single Gate Motor

If you opt for an automatic gate, a single swing requires only one gate motor. This helps you cut costs as they tend to be expensive. It is also cheaper to install and easier to maintain since you only have one motor to look at.

In choosing a single gate motor, you have to consider the weight of the gate. Each of the gate operators has its own individual capacity. Heavy-duty gates must be operated by a motor that can handle its weight. Otherwise, the automation won’t work properly.

More Secured Locking Mechanism

A locking mechanism secured directly on gate posts or walls is stronger than a locking mechanism closing in on another gate leaf. It is harder to break through a lock directly attached to a post or wall because of its solid attachment. On the contrary, a lock connecting two single gates can be easily broken from the middle, especially if it is not made from high-quality materials.


Requires a Large Space to Open

The swing radius of a single swing gate is one of its disadvantages. Its swing distance is the same size as the gate itself. For example, a 14-foot single leaf gate needs an equivalent width area. Opening the gate, either inward or outward, will take 14 feet of space in an open position. This can pose a problem for a driveway with limited space.


Because all the weight is cantered on one solid mass, expect a single gate to be heavier. If manually operated, the person has to exert more effort in opening and closing it. But, this issue is not a big deal with automatic gates with a compatible motor. Electric driveway gates can be operated remotely through an access controller.

Stronger Post Is Required

The post where the gate is attached must have the expected durability and strength to handle its weight. Heavy-duty posts are required if you plan on installing a single wing driveway gate. If the post is made of poor material and is not strong enough to hold the gate leaf, it will result in poor security and fast wear and tear.

Gate Hardware Must Be Heavy-Duty

With the gate’s immense weight, the hardware must be able to hold it down properly. Heavy duty gate hardware such as hinges, latches and locks should be installed along with the gate itself. This can lead to high upfront material costs.

Things to Consider

Single swing driveway gate installation is an option for private residential homes and commercial businesses. But, before you choose this type of gate, consider the following first:


A quality gate is synonymous with the materials used. There are plenty of materials available to choose from. Wooden gates and metal gates are the top choices. Most people, however, opt for metal ones because they are more versatile in design and budget.

Steel resists rust and corrosion and can be fabricated in any design you want. Some also opt for historic wrought iron gates designs for their classic and timeless beauty. Some also go for aluminium driveway gates because they are more lightweight.

Swing Direction

You have to decide which direction the gate opens. Opening it inward is the most popular option. If you don’t have enough space to do an inward opening, you can have it swing outwards—just make sure that you don’t impede traffic by doing so.

Weight and Width

The size and weight of a single swing driveway gate should be considered. The single leaf design may not work for all premises, especially those areas with tight and narrow spaces. The weight should also be a factor if it is to be operated manually since it can be tiring to the person operating it.


To avoid trouble opening a heavy single swing gate, consider automation. In doing so, however, you must decide on the gate operator, gate opener, and access control system.

Gates can be accessed through various means, such as remote controls, keypads, mobile apps, sensors, and key cards. You must decide which is the best and most functional for your use.

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