Jeff wants to know: I am a realtor and have just listed a home that has a LiftMaster drive gate control. The home is vacant and I am attempting to set this up for other Realtors to show the property. The owner has supplied me with a remote for the gate, but I would prefer to utilize a digital keypad for agents to be able to access the entry to the home where they will be able to use a "Supra Keypad" for our type of key access system to the home. I have tried utilizing the standard remote digital keypads from Home Depot and cannot get them to work. I do not want to disrupt the owner’s remote unit and am hoping there is a happy medium here where I can purchase a digital keypad that will operate as a remote.

Answer: Good morning Jeff, there are lots of wireless keypads that will do what you want to accomplish, the issues here are 1) we need to establish the frequency and type of receiver you have, which can be easily accomplished by looking at the remote transmitter the owners left you and number 2) we will need to program the wireless keypad to the gates receiver which can be easily accomplished programming a code into the wireless keypad and then programming it to the receiver using the “learn” button...

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