Steve asked: I'm interested in changing the internal PIN code in the remote. I bought this remote to use with a neighborhood gate but the homeowner association is claiming that I have to buy "their" remote (which is identical, as far as I can tell). I think they want me to buy their remote (at 2.5x the price) so that I also end up paying for programming the gate. I was hoping to change the PIN on a new remote to match the PIN on an old remote which I got with the house I just purchased. It works so I was hoping to just "clone" the old remote and not have to pay to add the new PIN to gate's internal list.

Answer: Sorry to inform you Steve that when a community purchases an access control system, they get a 26-32 bit Weigand system with what is called a ‘facility code’ which identifies that specific community as well as a sequence of numbered devices to identify the individual users. Unfortunately (or rather fortunately for your security and protection) these cannot be duplicated and must be assigned and programmed by the community association management company or by the security company. As far as the devices all looking identical, well just to inform you of this, all transmitters in a series are exactly alike, for example the LM series of transmitters has 5 units that are absolutely identical yet will not be compatible with each other , and yes the prices do vary in that the Weigand transmitters are much more expensive than the regular transmitters simply because they have something similar to ROM memory that gets embedded into the devices and has to be programmed and labeled for use with only a certain system. So this community you live in is taking an active role in the protection of its residents and apparently doing a very good job of it, you are indeed very lucky to have a management company that takes such an active role in maintaining their community.

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