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Access control technologies enhance security in commercial buildings while providing authorized persons easy and convenient access. It is more efficient than the key system as you do not have to worry about lost keys. You can customize the control system to tighten security in certain areas. 

Below are the ten top benefits of access control technologies for commercial properties.

Enhanced Security Against Theft and Burglaries

Access control technologies make it difficult for people without a keycard or PIN to access the building. They serve as a physical and psychological barrier for criminals.

The access control system may be set up to incorporate video surveillance cameras and intruder alarms to further deter criminals and alert the security staff in case of a breach. Ultimately, the enhanced security offers employees and tenants a safe and secure environment.

Keeps Away Unwanted Public

An access control solution also helps prevent unauthorized access to unwanted individuals or certain parts of the building. For instance, if the commercial building has a manufacturing facility or a warehouse, you can install door controllers in those areas.

Eliminates Traditional Keys

Traditional keys can be cumbersome to deal with. For instance, if an individual needs secure access to multiple areas in the building, they end up with a big ring of keys for each door. The keys are bulky, and finding the right one for each door can be daunting.

Conversely, door access control technology can open all the doors with one of the following authentication credentials; card, PIN, biometrics, proximity cards, keypads, swipe cards, smart cards, etc. Besides, the property manager does not have to worry about lost keys, duplicates, or changing locks.

Also, it simplifies employee turnover. For instance, if an employee is fired or quits their job at one of the companies in your commercial buildings, you don’t have to worry about them duplicating the keys or not handing them over.

You simply lock out their entry code or keycard. Or, if an existing employee loses their keycard or forgets their entry code, you lock out the lost one and issue a new one. This process takes a few minutes at most, at no cost.

Remote Access

You can set up mobile access control to provide remote control to certain areas, letting some individuals lock or open specific areas remotely. Let’s say a manager is at home and needs to let someone into their office; they can do so remotely. Or, in case of an emergency, they can lock the entire facility.

Easy to Trail Who Has Been in the Building

Using keycards, PINs, or other authentication credentials creates a digital trail you can review later. You can easily tell who was in which part of the building and when. For example, if items go missing in a given area, you can easily track who entered the space around the time of the theft, simplifying investigations.

Can Save Energy

You can integrate advanced access control systems with lighting, heating, and cooling. Air conditioning and lighting are regulated according to the various places' needs. For example, if there are motion sensors, lights come on automatically when employees scan their authentication credentials to enter a room and go off when they leave.

Similarly, the air conditioning raises or lowers temperatures in a given room when one scans to enter the building. This saves you on energy bills as lights don’t stay on if a space is not in use.

Offers Customized Access

Access control systems enable property managers and company managers to provide employees and tenants access to specific areas only. They can also provide access according to each individual’s schedule.

For instance, you may set up the system to restrict access for daytime employees between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. and nighttime employees between 6 p.m. and 8 a.m. You can also easily manage consent preferences as need be if the employees’ shifts vary periodically.

Customized access also enables business owners and managers to heighten security in areas with valuable items or sensitive information, such as laboratories, human resource offices, accounts offices, and server rooms. You can employ multi-factor authentication for such areas.

Centralized Control of Multiple Buildings

You can set up a cloud-based access control security solution for centralized monitoring if you own multiple commercial buildings or are a business in numerous locations.

Easier Visitor Management

This modern technology also optimizes visitor management. If you have an expansive building, you can trace visitors from their point of entry at the gate to the respective office.

You can have a sign-up system that creates a database of visitors. You can also set up an intercom system for your property where visitors can identify themselves at the entrance, and only those with an appointment would be allowed in.

An elaborate visitors’ management system is essential if you have visitors coming in and out of the building. It can double it up as a strategy for customer service, whereby you help visitors to maneuver the building.

Saves You Money

An access control system is an expensive upfront due to the hardware, access control software, and installation cost. However, it is a worthwhile investment as it saves you money in the long term.

For instance, it prevents property loss due to theft or burglary and any lawsuits tenants may file for. It also saves you money in lower property insurance covers as most providers offer a discount on buildings with an advanced security system.

Access Control for Commercial Properties

Access control technologies offer a digitized method of managing entry into the building or specific areas of the building. They enable real-time monitoring of who is in which part of the building at any time. They also allow you to restrict entry to specific areas or by particular people.

More advanced access control systems offer enhanced functionality and security features such as intruder alarms, CCTV cameras, and remote control. Furthermore, they make the turnover process of employees and tenants who leave the commercial building much easier.

Access control systems minimize incidences of theft, burglary, hacking, and information breach. They provide a safe environment for employees, business owners, and tenants.

Here at All Security Equipment, we have a team of experts who are ready and waiting to help you find the best access control solution for your commercial property. Contact us today if you have any questions.

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