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The days of swinging your gate open, and shut manually are over. Swing gates can be opened and closed automatically with the installation of an automatic swing gate opener. This is not only convenient but also saves on wear and tear on our bodies from constantly opening and closing gates manually.

Opening your gate can be a pain in the neck if you don’t have an automatic swing gate opener because it requires fiddling with levers and locks or flinging heavy gates open and shut every single day. An automatic gate opener is a device that opens and closes gates with little human assistance. Automatic openers can be powered by electricity, solar, or even stored energy in batteries. The best gate opener will handle any type of traditional gate you have with ease.

Read on for some great reasons why an automatic swing gate opener might just be suitable for you.

Why Have an Automatic Swing Gate Opener?

An automatic swing gate opener is an excellent investment for your property. There are multiple benefits to having an automatic swing gate versus a human-controlled or manual swinging gate. Outlined are a few of those advantages.


The primary benefit of an automatic gate is the added security it provides. Getting out of your car in order to open a gate can be quite dangerous, particularly from both personal safety and convenience perspectives: some people have been attacked while opening their own gates. While you cannot remove this possibility entirely, modern devices make exiting your compound less stressful than before because there's no need for manual operation.

Most automatic swing gate openers come equipped with the discreet security features listed below:

  • Encrypted communication channels- eliminates interference and extends the range.
  • Quick close feature- this security feature shuts the gate immediately, which prevents unauthorized access by cars that might be tailgating the residence owner.
  • Automatic open feature when the battery depletes or in case of a power outage. This feature comes in handy in emergencies such as a fire.
  • Remote access- you can control and monitor gate access from anywhere.

Most modern automatic gates can also accommodate security cameras as add-on features, making it easy for someone at home to keep tabs on the people outside their gate trying to get in touch with them.

Convenience and Ease in Operation

Let’s face it, opening a gate can be a tedious experience. What if you have to help members of your family with physical disabilities? How about the elderly, who might find this task too challenging? Because of how convenient it is, an automatic swing gate opener is a smart solution for people who have difficulties with the physical demands of manual gate opening and closing.

A majority of these devices come with push-button controls, so they are easy to use and safe. Open your gate with the push of a button on your smartphone, keychain remote, or by entering a PIN on the keypad. These features are immeasurably valuable in situations like extreme weather conditions like snow and rain when exiting the car to open the gate proves near-impossible, or very inconvenient.

Another scenario where swing gate openers prove convenient is those days when you have your hands full- just let it close behind you. To facilitate this, most automatic swing gates have a provision that allows you to set the number of minutes you want your gate to remain open after passing through before closing automatically.

Increase Property Value

Another benefit of using an automatic swing gate opener is that it can help increase the resale value of your home. This is because it tends to make the house look more attractive for potential buyers. Potential buyers will feel much safer knowing their property is automatically secured with a gate opening system. This makes it easier for them to picture themselves living inside the home without worrying about break-ins and thefts. The less risky they see your home, the more likely they'll be willing to pay more for that property instead of putting their money into another one that doesn't have these added security benefits built-in already.

Safety for Your Children and Pets

While it may be true that not all automatic gates are 100% safe, they do have safety features built into them, which give many people peace of mind. Automatic gates usually have safety mechanisms installed to prevent any damage or injury that would occur if the gate was to swing out and hit a person or car. This includes having something like a "stop and reverse" mechanism that stops the gate from closing on someone who tries to get through when it's moving. Many of these types of gates also have sensors, so they will not close if there is an object such as a child playing in its path. Ultimately, the automated swing gate is safer for children as no amount of tinkering can get the gate open; thus, restricting their movement within your home.

Better Privacy

Automatic swing gates ensure that access to your home or business is limited or controlled. The only people that can access your property are those whom you’ve given a passcode to do so. On the other hand, with some modern openers, it is possible to get a log of how many times your gate was open and closed during the day and night.

Improved Curb Appeal

People will take notice of your new upgrade once you have an automated gate! It's no secret that having a beautiful gate will increase the value of your home, but on top of this, it looks incredibly attractive too. You can look forward to guests complimenting your new addition as they arrive at your doorstep. The seamlessness of the opening and shutting process also undoubtedly adds a feel of luxury to your home.

Reduced Insurance Premiums

After installing an automatic swing gate opener, most insurance providers reward homeowners with a discount for being proactive. Insurance companies may decrease insurance premiums on the property when considering how much safety it provides, so this will be beneficial not only in terms of protecting yourself but also in reducing premiums. If you ask us, that's a win-win situation, so why not protect yourself?

Customization Options

There are a variety of ways to customize your openers to suit your unique style. For instance, there are different unlocking mechanisms; keypads, phones, remote controls, etc. You can further choose where to place the keypad- on the exterior or interior of your house. Additionally, users can opt for motion sensor unlocking or acquire complementary accessories for the gate like LED lighting, cameras, etc. The choices are limitless with the variety of devices in the market.


Swing gate openers come with durability guarantees of 10 plus years. They are usually built from durable materials and state-of-the-art technology; thus, most companies are able to offer high warranty periods (sometimes up to 5 years). In addition, they do not need a lot of maintenance. The little care that’s required can be provided without any technical know-how.

Cost-Effective and Energy Efficient

While purchasing the kit is quite costly, once it’s up and running, your swing gate openers will not cost you. In fact, compared to the cumulative expense of hiring security gates to man your gate, installing automatic swing gate openers might save you money in the long run. Additionally, some automatic gate openers are powered by solar panels that keep running costs low and are energy-efficient.


Many potential customers wonder about the likelihood of a power outage and their options with the automatic swing gate opener. Well, when purchasing your device, you can select your preferred energy sources, e.g., AC power, solar, and DC, with the option of installing secondary or backup batteries. The backup batteries offer a secondary power source in the event of power failure. An additional safety feature is protection from electrical surges and lightning strikes. And, in the event of electrical and mechanical failure, you can disengage the opener through an emergency disconnect handle, allowing you to operate your gate manually.

Reduce Muscle Strain for Industrial Workers

Imagine that you are an industrial worker who is required to open heavy steel doors/gates every day of the week. This process is very strenuous for your body and can cause damage to your joints, ligaments, and muscles over time. Many industrial workers have developed serious health problems as a result of this strenuous repetitive motion. Fortunately, if you work in an industrial setting, there may be a solution to this dilemma.

The answer is to install a swing gate opener for your industrial application. Swing gate openers have come a long way in recent years, and they now offer numerous benefits that can help improve worker safety and increase productivity. They are much kinder to workers' joints than manual gate openers.

Are Automatic Swing Gate Openers Worth it?

If you're having trouble deciding whether or not you need an automated swing gate opener installed at your home or business, just think about all of the benefits one offers. These benefits of automatic swing gate openers are undoubtedly worth exploring before deciding if getting one is the right choice for your home or business. As this article has shown, they can be helpful in many ways both for you and your visitors. It might seem like a lot of money to spend when weighing these pros against manual gates, but you really will save more time in the long run by installing an opener at your home or business. In addition, you’ll never need to worry about having enough people on staff just so one person can open the gate, because it opens with minimal effort. There are more than enough great reasons to get a swing gate opener installed, so consider getting one today.

If you have any questions about how we install our products feel free to give us a call - we would love to help with your installation needs today!

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