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Multi-code remote control transmitters are used for home and garage security. The security gates are operated through remote controls for easy entry or exit from the property. The user can open or close the gates sitting inside their vehicle. It is important to choose the right control transmitter that fits the needs of your location.

After purchasing the remote, it is important to configure the remote control for best usage. Make sure that the garage door area is cleared of any obstructions. There are different types of remote controls in use today and make sure you get the most useful remote control for your home/garage security settings.

There are multiple uses of a multicode remote control transmitter. One can configure multiple security codes and alter the codes at a regular interval to keep the security in check. The device ensures top-notch security for your property. The programming of the device is easy and swift. But one needs to take care of the program coding for efficient programming.  The device can be installed at the gate entrance and is a multicode a one channel, one button transmitter Multi-Code format, with a 10 position coding switch that provides 1024 possible codes.

Here are the features of a multicode remote

  • Frequency: 310 MHz
  • Comes with visor clip
  • 9v Battery powered
  • Quick access to coding switches and battery
  • 1024 codes
  • Compatible with 310MHz Stanley and Multicode receivers

The remote control transmitter works with any Linear Delta-3 310 MHz Receiver. Programming the remote is simple and just matches the 8 on/off dip switches inside the unit to your existing remote or receiver.

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