What are parking lot ticket dispensers?

A parking lot ticket dispenser is a form of gate that allow pedestrians to pass through a designated area one at a time. They are typically installed in parking areas that are unattended. These units dispense a mag-stripe parking ticket for later payment. The majority of parking lot ticket dispensers are equip with access card and credit card functionality allowing acceptance of payment.

What type of parking lot ticket dispensers does All Security Equipment carry?

At All Security Equipment we carry Hamilton and Magnetic Autocontrol parking lot ticket dispensers. Hamilton is a recognized industry leader. We carry the Hamilton time pass ticket dispenser which issues a secure 9 digit encrypted ticket at the entrance of a parking lot. The Ticket Dispenser is an independent unit, making retrofitting an existing lot easy. The Hamilton Time Pass System allows you to have up to eight Ticket Dispensers and eight auto cashiers in any combination. We also distribute the Magnetic Autocontrol MEC75N online mag stripe entry station and Magnetic Autocontrol MEC7ON offline mag stripe entry station. The MEC series of mag-stripe entry stations have been developed for use in single and multiple lane parking facilities. As the tickets are issued they are encoded with all of the necessary transaction data, including time, date, ticket sequence number, rate number, entry lane number, and site number. We are an authorized distributor which means our Hamilton and Magnetic Automation parking lot ticket dispenser products carry an authentic factory warranty.

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