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Barriers to entry in the form of gates are some of the most common security features in the world. For the most part, swing gates, pivot gates, and slide gates are often installed in places where there's space for such barriers.

Just because your building or construction site doesn't have the necessary space for these kinds of gates doesn't mean that you can't have a functional barrier in place. That's where vertical lift gate systems come into play.

What is a Vertical Lift Gate System?

A vertical lift gate system is a good barrier option to use in situations that do not allow for swing or slide gate installations. These gates are designed to lift upwards as opposed to swinging sideways or sliding away.

Most vertical lift gate systems operate using the same principles as this HySecurity HydraLift 20F UPS Vertical Lift Operator. For starters, the gate system will require some sort of hydraulic vertical lift gate operator that will easily slide the gate up and down along the grooves on the side. In many cases, the gate will complete the lifting motion within 8 seconds to let cars in and out of the property.

Your standard vertical lift gate varies in length and height. For the most part, these gates will range from 24–26 ft. in length and about 8 ft. in height. They also come in a rather wide variety of styles, including chain link, steel, aluminum, and Arched Estate types.

These gates are designed to work with all the necessary safety and entry devices that slide and swing gates use. You can also find some custom solar lift gates, but these have some limitations in terms of size as well as how much traffic they can process on any given day.

Where are Vertical Lift Gate Systems Used?

These kinds of gates are primarily used in places where space is limited, or the terrain is challenging. For example, if you live on a street where a wide swing gate would be an issue for other users, or your property simply doesn't allow for a typical swing gate. They are often used as barriers to entry on commercial properties and many government buildings.

Apart from government and commercial properties, vertical lift gates are also quite popular in gated communities and residential estates. This is mostly because they provide a reliable, safe, and aesthetically pleasing vehicle barrier system.

Benefits of Using Vertical Lift Gates

There are a few excellent reasons why vertical lift gate systems are popular in these areas.

  • Speed of operation: Most vertical lift gates provide extremely fast opening and closing operations. For the most part, lift gates will open and shut completely within 8 seconds, or just slightly more.
  • Multiple lane applications: Unlike sliding gates or swing gates that take up a lot of horizontal space, vertical lift gates only need vertical clearance. As such, they can be implemented on multiple lanes to control traffic without necessarily interfering with the opposite lanes whenever the gate needs to open and close.
  • Customizable: Almost every gate is customizable, and the same applies to vertical lift gates. If you have a particularly large entryway, you can have a customized lift gate built to cover that area. You can also get solar-operated lift gates.
  • Low maintenance costs: Vertical lift gates are extremely easy and affordable to maintain.
  • Better security: Unlike swing gates, lift gates aren't easy to ram or drive through. These are usually quite heavy (2,000 pounds or more) and require hydraulics to lift. Additionally, they can be equipped with several anti-climb materials that enhance their security should the need arise.
  • Allowance for optional accessories: One of the best things about having a vertical lift gate system installed is the fact that you can have additional accessories installed as well. These can include but aren't limited to, protective bollards, automatic vehicle detection loops, custom signage, strobe lights, traffic lights, and even extended output relays.

Are there any potential drawbacks to using a vertical lift gate system, and if so, what are they?

Like most machines, vertical lift gate systems do have a few drawbacks. Here are some of the most notable disadvantages of having a vertical lift gate installed:

  • Expense: The initial cost of having a vertical lift gate system installed can be quite staggering. Thankfully, once you have it installed, the maintenance part is manageable and inexpensive. You will feel it in your pocket, however, if the gate is damaged by a car and requires repair or replacement.
  • Dangerous: Unlike most gates, vertical lift gates are heavy pieces of metal driven by hydraulic systems going up and down a set of grooves. Walking under these gates when they are coming down won't just earn you a nasty whack but could very well give you a broken limb, if not worse.
  • Installation process: Although it's advisable to use experts in any kind of security gate installation, vertical lift gate systems in particular call for specific expertise. This means that you can't just go on Craigslist and hire someone. You have to deal with a professional company and installers who could have scheduling issues. The same thing goes for maintenance calls.
  • Malfunction: In the event of a malfunction, you will have to call in an expert, which can be costly and time-consuming.

Who should consider using a vertical lift gate system, and why might it be the right choice for them?

Vertical lift gate systems are an excellent way to keep your property secure and traffic controlled. Not only do they take up minimal space, but they can also bring an element of style and sophistication to the establishment or property. They are, however, quite expensive to install but relatively cheap to maintain and easy to use.

If you are interested in learning more about this type of system or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We would be happy to discuss your needs and see how we can help. Thanks for reading!


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