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While the choice of gates is primarily driven by effective security provision, other factors such as space play a huge factor in determining the choice of the gate that a premise requires. Swinging gates and sliding gates act as a good line of defense but require a lot of space for operation. Many places lack the luxury of space, and the mode of operation of such gates also poses a security risk. In instances where space is limited, vertical gate operators are an excellent choice.

What is a vertical lift operator?

A vertical lift operator is a type of machine that allows for the lifting and opening of large metal gates. It can be used in entrance points without enough space for swing or slide gates. They're typically made of aluminum and steel, with the standard length coming at 24-26 ft long, while its height depends on the customization needs you might have.

Vertical lift gates are hydraulic structures and use AC/DC power supply to operate. They also have a backup UPS, which allows them to have at least 100 cycles in the event of a power outage. Vertical lift operators are also galvanized so as to prevent corrosion since they are mainly used outdoors and might be subjected to extreme weather conditions. Typically, vertical gates require very minimal maintenance and are easy to use.

Advantages of Vertical Gate Operators

Vertical lift gates have numerous advantages, including:

  • They open and close fast. A vertical gate such as the HySecurity HydraLift 20F UPS Vertical Lift Operator opens at a speed of 8 seconds. The speed of operation makes it effective since it does not lead to congestion.
  • They are effective for multiple lanes traffic.
  • They are low maintenance.
  • They are customizable, so you can specify the length and size of the gate that best suits your needs.
  • Offer high security, thus ideal for sensitive facilities like prisons.
  • Resilient to extreme weather conditions such as extreme snowy conditions.
  • Durable, so you don’t have to worry about replacing the gate for a long time. The gates which are made of steel or aluminum are galvanized so that they can provide superior anti-corrosion properties.
  • Have backup power.
  • Have programmable relay outputs and are easy to configure.
  • Vertical lift gates can be used in any terrain. Unlike sliding gates that require a smooth surface for operation, you can use vertical lift gates on uneven terrain areas.

Disadvantages of Vertical Lift Operators

  • Installation costs can be high, but the operational costs, in the long run, are low. The installation cost might be a challenge for some; however, the service that the gate offers long-term offsets the initial cost.
  • Since the gate is heavy, it requires robust support, so the pad and the operator’s footprint are large in size.
  • Since the vertical gate operates by raising the barrier up, the size of the gate is limited to the size and design of the structure to which it is attached.
  • The repair costs of the gate in case of a breakdown are also high.
  • Like other automated gates, there is always the risk of malfunction, leading to physical harm if the gate opens or closes without warning.
Areas of Application
  • Vertical lift gates are used in various Federal, State, and government facilities, including the army, navy, air force, prisons, airports, and government offices. In such areas, an attendant controls the gate as an extra security check before granting access to a premise. The gates act as the first line of defense in deterring unauthorized entry. Vertical lift gates are a good choice for military facilities because some of these facilities are located in areas with rough terrains that would otherwise not support other forms of barriers, such as slide gates. Vertical lift gates work well in any terrain and use various mechanisms of operation, making them ideal in many instances.
  • Vertical lift operators are also used in gated communities and residential areas. The gate can be automated or controlled by a security attendant, depending on the preferences.
  • Industrial buildings and commercial premises like warehouses and shopping complexes also use vertical lift gates due to constricted space and the gates’ level of security. In industrial complexes, vertical lift operators are used to open up large bay doors at warehouses as well as roll-up doors that allow for the entrance of trucks as well as other types of vehicles.

How Much Does a Vertical Gate Cost?

Our HySecurity HydraLift vertical lifts range from $29,658. The high-quality gates come in different specifications, such as the HySecurity HydraLift 20 UPS Vertical Lift Operator, which comes with the option of Single Phase 115V or Single Phase 208-230V. All our vertical gates are typically ready for shipping in 24 hours. There’s also the option to pay monthly payments with Affirm. Other available options within the same price range also have the options of Three Phase 208V, 230V, and 460V. Contact us for more inquiries.


Vertical lift gates are an ideal barrier option for places that require high security and have limited space. In the past, vertical lift operators were mostly used in government facilities and commercial buildings, but they are becoming increasingly popular in residential areas.

Different application areas require certain specifications; thus, it’s important to contact professionals before purchasing your gate. Voltage model compatibility is important since the chargers are not field convertible. Our vertical lift gates come in 60 Hz, so if you want one with 50Hz, you need to contact our team to place a special order.

At ALLSecurityEquipment, we provide a range of vertical lift gates with industry components designed to be energy efficient and provide efficiency at access points as well as security. Contact us today to get a solution that fits your needs.

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