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Gate security systems ensure that a commercial or residential property is safe. The right gate security system should limit access to unauthorized individuals and prevent theft and vandalism. It should also have additional features such as visitor and delivery management.

There are different types of gate security systems to choose from. Below is a look at the top seven gate security systems for communities of all sizes.

1. Gates

A gate is the first line of defense for a property. It increases security by controlling who has access to the property. It also increases the property’s value and enhances its aesthetics.

There are various gate designs, including swing gates, sliding gates, bi-folding gates, vertical gates, pedestrian gates, and barriers. The appropriate choice of gate for your property depends on access needs, the property's location, the number of people using the gate, aesthetics, etc.

Each type has pros and cons that make it suitable for specific conditions. Most manufacturers can customize the gate design to suit your needs and location.

2. Access Control Systems

Access control systems are sophisticated security systems for both commercial and residential properties. They prevent unauthorized access to and within the property. This entry system identifies if a person is allowed access to the property and then authorizes their access level. There are different types of authentication credentials, including key cards, PINs, biometrics, proximity cards, fobs, mobile apps, etc. The systems can either be wired or wireless.

3. Intercom Systems

A gate intercom system is mainly a visitor management system. Typically, it is a two-way communication channel between residents and their visitors. The communication channel can be video or audio. The resident can see or hear who is at the gate and give or deny access.

It is best suited for smaller communities because it becomes cumbersome for a larger community when many visitors enter the property. You can integrate Intercom systems with other features, such as voice control or access control systems.

If integrated with voice control, a tenant can grant a visitor access through the phone at the gate. On the other hand, property managers can issue residents with access PINS and key cards to access the gate.

4. Security Gate Camera

A security gate camera can assist in gate access control. It can alert tenants or security staff to people approaching or at the gate. Most are digital video cameras that enable real-time monitoring and footage recording.

The digital video security camera system may connect to each house in small communities. If someone is at the gate, each tenant can see them and let them in through the intercom system or using an electric gate lock and opener.

In larger communities, security staff should monitor video surveillance at the gate. You can integrate the security gate camera system with video surveillance throughout the property.

5. Tenants Apps

These are mobile-based intelligent applications mainly used for communicating with and managing tenants. Some enable tenants to make rental payments, sign lease agreements, and schedule maintenance. You can use them to manage tenants' resources, e.g., allocating shared amenities.

They can also enhance security in gated communities and commercial properties. For instance, the app can be integrated with the access control system to give tenants access to the property.

It can also help with domestic help management. For example, if domestic workers come into your house, you can pre-authorize them or notify the security guard via the app. If you give them some items to leave with, you can issue them a pass via the app. Some apps have a security alert feature that tenants can use to notify a security guard or property managers of suspicious activity at the gate or within the property.

6. Perimeter Detection System

A perimeter detection system adds a layer of security to your property. It is a warning system that detects and alerts property owners, managers, tenants, or security guards to intruders. It works well alongside other gate security systems to prevent theft and vandalism. For example, it can be integrated with an intercom system or security lighting. It should not replace video surveillance; rather, you should use them together.

Typically, perimeter detection systems incorporate multiple components, including cable sensors, lights, sirens, and alarms. There are different perimeter detection technologies, including microwave detectors, taut wires, passive IR, active IR, electrostatic field, etc.

7. License Plate Recognition System

License plate recognition entry systems use a combination of access control hardware and software and cameras to grant or deny vehicles access to a private community, parking lot, and high-security areas. The system is set up so that a guard or attendant is not required to allow vehicle entry. It is adaptable to both small and large communities.

The automatic gate license reader integrates with an access control system to register tenant license plates in a database. As the car approaches the gate entry system, the reader scans its number plate. The number plate is cross-checked on the database, and then the car is allowed in if it matches and meets the stipulated access control rules.

The system also records the cars that approach the gate for future reference. You can also create a VIP list and blacklist of vehicles and set up an alert system for them.

Does Your Community Need a Gate Security System?

Gate security systems are a worthwhile investment for ensuring safety for communities, whether in residential or commercial properties. It is best to incorporate multiple gate security systems. Most can integrate to create a well-rounded system for enhanced security. For instance, you can combine gate access control, gate intercoms, camera, and video surveillance at your gate. If you have any questions or need more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re here to help you find the perfect solution for your gates and access control needs.

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