Today we will talk about LiftMasters' ‘other barrier gate operators’, the heavy duty, Industrial application BG770 and BG790.

Let’s start with the BG770, this robust, heavy duty steel encased operator tips the scales at a slim 225LBS and offers a complete 90 degree opening cycle of just 4 seconds. This operator will accept PVC arms of 10’ or 12’ wooden arms or even 15’ aluminum arms and be used as a master/slave – dual arm setup. It is UL325 and UL991 compliant as well as Class I, II, III, IV Listed which makes it ideal in both automated as well as supervised installations.

Every function in this operator is customized, it has available modules for functions like ‘Timer to Close’, “Click to Open/Click to Close’ Radio Modification, ‘Sequence Access Management’ that works in conjunction with any operator equipped with a GL Board, plug-in loop detectors for exit and hold open functions and a “Long Distance Wiring Module for mounting control devices at distances of over 100 feet away. Limits are defined by easily adjustable limit cams which make the setup of this operator very easy and uncomplicated and if you are in the more extreme northern hemispheres it even has an available thermostatically controlled heater that keep it cozy in that environment.

Now if the road you need to block is a little bit wider, then take a look at the BG790 with all the same cool and useful features as the little brother but with a fifty pound, 24’ wishbone arm with black and white stripes and a two counterweight system. So if it is a commercial or industrial application that you need to spec out, theses are the operators you may want to be looking at.

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