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We are excited to announce the arrival of EMX's new advanced universal retroreflective photoeye, the EMX IRB-RET2. The IRB-RET2 is the ultimate solution to providing superior entrapment protection for automatic gates and doors while ensuring seamless installation for installers. It comes packed with features that are everything you’re already familiar with in the original RET, plus more. In today's blog post, we’ll discuss some of its key features and advantages.

EMX IRB-RET2 Retroreflective Photoeye

The new and improved EMX IRB-RET2 Retro-reflective Photoeye

This state-of-the-art product offers superior entrapment protection for automatic gates and doors while providing a seamless experience for installers. The IRB-RET2 is everything you loved about the original RET, plus more.

EMX IRB-RET2 Retroreflective Photoeye

Easy Alignment LED:

The IRB-RET2 has an Easy Alignment LED making it simple to align. When aligning, the RED LED will flash faster as alignment gets better, so you can tell if you’re getting closer to perfect alignment. A steady RED LED means perfect alignment has been reached. With this feature, installers can save time and effort in setting up the sensor.

Integrated Sensor Hood:

The IRB-RET2 comes with a built-in second hood, which eliminates the need for additional components. This integrated design ensures an easy and user-friendly experience for effortless setup and operation. With this feature, installers don't have to worry about losing a separate sensor hood during installation or transportation.

EMX IRB-RET2 Retroreflective Photoeye

Ball and Socket Bracket:

The IRB-RET2 uses a ball and socket bracket with a 1/2-inch threaded conduit connection for mounting and alignment. This bracket makes mounting and alignment quick and straightforward. It provides installers with the freedom they need to position the sensor to maximize its effectiveness.

EMX IRB-RET2 Retroreflective Photoeye

Optional Stealth Mode:

One unique feature of the IRB-RET2 is the optional Stealth Mode that enables a discreet design. This feature keeps the sensor concealed from curious eyes and potential vandals. LEDs turn off after 30 seconds of unobstructed alignment but activate when obstructed. With this mode, the sensor can maintain its security while still functioning efficiently.

Monitoring Methods:

The IRB-RET2 is compatible with all gate operators, thanks to its support for 6 UL325 monitoring methods and compatibility with non-monitored methods. This compatibility ensures that it can be used universally, providing enhanced protection in multiple scenarios. Last, and not least, it works with non-monitored systems as well.

This versatile device seamlessly integrates with systems using:

  • Normally closed
  • 10k resistive termination
  • Two-wire pulsed (2 freq)
  • Two-wire pulsed (3 freq)
  • Four-wire pulsed (2 freq)
  • Four-wire pulsed (3 freq) configurations
Operating Range:

The IRB-RET2 photoeye boasts an impressive operating range of 60 feet, making it the standout choice among competitors. This range exceeds the 32.5-foot range provided by other retroreflective photoeyes, offering increased flexibility in installation and positioning. As a result, the IRB-RET2 provides superior performance and reliability in safeguarding your property.

EMX IRB-RET2 Retroreflective Photoeye

The IRB-RET2 is what you need if you’re looking for advanced entrapment protection for automatic gates and doors. With its unique features like Easy Alignment LED, Integrated Sensor Hood, Ball and Socket Bracket, Optional Stealth Mode, and Monitoring Methods, it sets itself apart from other retroreflective photoeyes. The IRB-RET2 guarantees a seamless experience for installers and reliable protection for users. Contact us to place your order today!

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