So how about if today we talk about the innovative Apollo 1724 and Apollo 1824 residential swing gate operator for gates of up to 14 feet and weighing up to 400 pounds. If you have ever installed a Liftmaster LA400, a Viking G5 or a Door King DK6002 then it is time you check out this amazing, all inclusive, very reliable and user friendly (Installer friendly as well) operator. Let’s start with the Apollo 1050 board, one of the most advanced and prolific main control boards in the market today… with an LCD display that works with you for programming, troubleshooting and diagnostics, advanced and innovative obstruction sensing system, plug in receiver (included) with space for over 1000 rolling code devices, integrated (yes it is built into the system) fully programmable 7 day timer, surge protection, fully programmable inputs for all types of peripherals and this whole package is powered by two 12VDC 7 amp batteries that are being charged by an AC power supply connected to a 120VAC source which makes this very reliable as in the event of a power outage you can get up to 200 cycles before the system dies out.

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