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Telephone entry systems are considered as the best medium of controlling visitor access at secure entry points. They are used in office buildings, apartments, condominiums, or closed communities and helps in providing residents with two-way verbal communication and control. There are three categories and each category is designed with a unique aspect and benefit that can fulfill everyone’s needs, these categories are mentioned below:
  • Home Visitor Entry Systems: It is formulated specifically for private residences; the main benefit of this type of entry system is that there is absolutely no phone charges involved. It will allow the resident to grant entry when they are at home, as well, they are also capable of call forwarding request for access when they are not at home.
  • Multiple Residence Entry Control: This system is designed to act as corporate or industrial telephone system. It is ideal for apartment complexes, office buildings, and situations when the user determines the number to be dialed.
  • Auto-dial Telephone Entry Systems: It is designed that to allow pre-programmed numbers to be called when a person presses the button on the device. In case, you you're not able to answer the call, the system is capable of calling an additional nine backup numbers. After making the connection, you can easily grant access.
There are numerous key features of the telephone entry systems, which are as follows:
  • It integrates with any existing home telephone without the extensive installation.
  • This system enables the internal communication between telephones on the same line (internal intercom).

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