Go figure, you run back from the car to close the gate and the dog runs out. Now you have to sprint all over the neighborhood after Fido and you are already late for work. If only there was a way you could slam the gate shut without having to get out of the car to do so? But there is! Residential slide gate openers from AllSecurityEquipment.com will help you shut them with a click of a button. A slide gate opener does not refer to the remote control that opens the gate but the motor assembly that can be activated by a timer or remote control. The signals from the remote trigger the gate into sliding open and shut from a distance.

Why Slide Gates?

A swinging gate is cumbersome to say the least. A residential slide gate opener is convenient since it slides sideways on a track. No high winds will buffet a sliding door closed. A gate that swings indoors is sure to slam shut in bad weather.

Highest Level of Safety

Do you have children? There is no telling when a toddler might toddle to the gate after you. A residential slide gate opener will ensure that your kids never have any accidents when you are about to shut the gate. The self locking motor will also ensure that there are no break-ins while you are away as well.


Residential sliding doors are manufactured according to strict guidelines and are also tested and certified. This ensures the highest standards in quality and production. We carry the most reliable brands and we are also certified dealers.

Stay Dry

In rainy weather that is. How often have you been soaked trying to open the gate to your property only to have to run back to your car? An automatic slide gate opener will open the gate for you and protect you from the elements at the same time. We carry units that can be opened with remote control transmitters and also by simply installing an app on your mobile device. Have questions regarding our slide gate openers?

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