This post is for those of you who looking to replace your Apollo gate opener arms. Apollo replacement arms are broken into two categories: Master and Slave. Apollo Master Replacement Arms: Master arms are primary arms used to manipulate your swing gate by swinging it open and shut to allow or deny access to your property. We sell the Apollo 416 master replacement arm that serves as a master replacement arm for the Apollo 1500 and 1600 gate openers. The Apollo 816 master replacement arm is for Apollo operator models 1550 and 1650. Apollo Slave Replacement Arms: Apollo slave arms which make up the second arm of your dual gate opener are also broken down by which Apollo gate operator they're compatible with. We carry the Apollo 416E slave replacement arm for gate opener model 1600 and the Apollo 816X slave replacement arm is for operator models 1550 and 1650. You can rest assured that replacement arms have a 2 year limited Factory Warranty which is a rare find for replacement components.

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