Question: Debra wanted to know why this was happening: We have an Apollo 3500 ETL gate opener and lately it will close and then open about 3 feet and stop. We thought it might be the battery. We put a different battery in place and recharged the original battery. It closed and stayed one time after we changed the battery today. Second time we tried, it closed and opened up again about 3 feet. Can you tell me what we need to do so the gate will remain closed?

Answer: Hi there Debra, it sounds like your operator is going past it’s limits and either tripping a safety or pushing against a positive stop and reversing on a safety issue. Now most of the time this can be simply resolved by adjusting the limits on your operator, if you look at your operator from the post you will notice two set screws. With a small screwdriver turn the one on the left side clockwise until you have reached the desired close limit.

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