Question: Gail from California has a little situation on her hands: I have an Apollo 1500 gate opener with the 635 circuit board. Attached to it is the EMX CarSense 101 vehicle motion detector with an underground probe. The problem I have is I had to replace the sensor and someone else took it off and did not mark were the wires go to the board. Is there any way you could send me a diagram of how to put the wires in the right places? I will try to send the diagram of the sensor.

Answer: Hi Gail, per your email inquiry, I would be happy to help you with this. First you will need to identify the following wires on your exit probe. Probe 12Volt DC Input (Red) = Power + Probe 12 Volt DC Ground (Black) = Power – Probe N.O. Relay - Normally open contact on the probes relay Probe COM Relay - Common contact on the probes relay Now you will have to... Connect the Power to the battery directly observing polarity (+ RED and - BLACK) Connect the COM wire from your probe to the terminal labeled 9 GROUND Connect the N.O. / Normally Open wire from your probe to the terminal labeled 10 FREE EXIT

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