Good day techies from around, you know how much I love answering questions, so what say you we take a ride on the wild side and answer a few?

Jim from Texas asked me: : I have a 1500 series Apollo gate opener. My remote control has to be within 7 feet for the gate to activate. This only started today. What do I need to check?

Answer: Good afternoon Jim, well per your recent email, the first thing I would try is replacing the battery on your remote. If this fails to remedy the problem, I would make sure that all of your connections at the control panel are clean and free of corrosion as well as tightened fully to ensure the best possible contact. And to make things different I got a response to that... Jim responds with: Not my remote batteries. However, when I first tried it, and it did not work I tightened the positive cable on the main battery. Then it would work at 5 feet. After about 7 hours everything worked, so I guess, the battery was not charging and ran down. Once charged to give the proper voltage the system, it all worked again. You concur? Absolutely Jim, any great technician will almost always look for the obvious reason for a problem and most of the time it will have something to do with power or the lack of!!!

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