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Question: Albert wanted to know… Can I program a replacement Linear MCT-1 Transmitter / Remote myself? I already have one but I would like to get a backup transmitter. I was wondering how to clone it?

Answer: Good morning Albert, lucky for you that MCT-1 transmitters cannot be cloned. They are meant to be programmed thru the “learn” button on your receiver or entered into a system by their device ID number. This makes them very secure and possibly one of the most widely used transmitters in gated community applications.

Alberts reply… So it looks like I will need to hire someone to program it. We live in a condo so I don't think I can locate the gate learn button, also the original transmitter does have a 4 digit sticker on it. How would I enter the code ID manually? Does it require special software?

Second answer: Actually Albert, if you have a management company, they are the ones that probably would be in charge of doing that, if not them, I am sure that either, one of the HOA members is doing it or they have hired an access control company to do it for them. Either way, the best way is to ask one of the members of the HOA and they can point you in the right direction.

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