Now John in South Carolina wants to know about his gate: I have an Apollo solar gate opener, which is approx. 6 years old. It will not operate all the time using the remotes and/or my device in the car. However, it will open / close using the button on the control box. When it opens / closes it is slower than usual. It has a 12 volt Interstate Deep Cycle Marine battery and when it is sunny the gate will open and close perfectly with the remotes. In cloudy, dark times I have to use the control panel button.

Answer: Hello John, it appears as if your battery is not quite holding a charge, at least not enough to activate the remote receivers relays to trigger your operators… quickest solution would be to purchase a new battery, however take your battery into any PepBoys or NAPA Auto parts and they can diagnose it by putting a load on to see if your voltage drops.

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