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Garage door openers with remote controls make life simpler and easier. Now, you can drive into your garage by just pushing a button without the need to get out of the car to open your garage door.

Like any other locking system, remote controls too have a ‘master code’. A master code is the primary code that makes its user able to make adjustments to the system's programming. In the past users used to have a remote control with single access code, but today with advancement in technology and security, the evolution of Multicode Remote Control has arrived. These remote controls give its users the ability to add multiple codes.

The master code is designed for the system owner, and the other additional codes are meant for the use of individuals who may need access but don’t have ownership of the system. An additional code can be added for those who need regular access to an area. 

A good instance for the use of additional or multiple access codes would be for family members or friends who may need access. Another good use of multiple access codes would be for businesses. Most systems give you an ability to view a history, which shows who entered or exited the property along with the date and time it happened. This allows a business to track the identity, date and time of the incident which helps in providing a higher level of security.

An ideal tool for an enterprise to use is to have private codes for each individual. There are plenty of types of remote controls to suit distinct needs and purposes. Whether it is a business, or a residence a Multi-code Remote Controls can provide a solution for all and provides a high-end security offering.

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