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Smart homes are meant to make our lives easier. This is one of the key reasons we invest in automation. However, this investment can be rendered moot very easily if you are not using the right tools for the job. There are many automation tools and accessories out there, and it often gets confusing because they all play a role.

It is no longer enough to identify the right brand; you have to know which tool fits your needs and how it applies to your circumstances. Today we will look at the LiftMaster remote gate opener. It is a prominent access control solution with a vast array of options that need to be demystified before making any decision.

We are about to discover what sets them apart from each other and how to leverage this to your advantage.

Compatibility With LiftMaster Technology

LiftMaster Security+ Code

This is Chamberlain’s proprietary remote door opening technology applied to gate openers to secure the signals sent by the remote to their receiver while operating the gate. It is featured in all LiftMaster remote gate openers. It minimizes the chances of remote signals being intercepted by sending a different unique code each time you click the remote.

LiftMaster remote gate opener technology is advancing, and the current LiftMaster remote gate openers are using the upgraded LiftMaster security rolling code technology. The remote for your LiftMaster opener will still send a unique code each time you press it, but because it communicates on multiple frequencies, the code will be one of 100 billion encrypted rolling codes, which makes it almost impossible to crack.

This means only the remotes you have programmed can operate your gate openers. The receivers compatible with the technology only select the strongest frequency that will be coming from your remote. They lock out interference from other technologies like security systems, Bluetooth car kits, infrared signals or other remote controls.


This online platform connects all LiftMaster access control technologies, enabling visibility and control from a single point, regardless of how far you will be from the premises. Provided there is internet access, you can control door and gate openers, lights, alarms and other tools remotely.

If you download the app on your smartphone, you can even set it up to receive alerts when the LiftMaster gate is opened or closed and when the sensors detect movement.

A good number of LiftMaster remote gate openers can connect with myQ, allowing you to monitor your access control system while on the move.

What Is the Significance of the Number of Buttons on a LiftMaster Remote?

The remotes are always referred to as one-button, two, three or four-button. Every button can be programmed to control its own gate or door opener, so the more buttons you have on the remote, the more utility can be derived. This is one of the things you should be looking at when selecting your ideal LiftMaster remote gate opener.

If you only have a single gate opener, you can make do with single-button remotes, which typically cost less than $30. The more buttons the remote has, the greater its potential utility, which means the price will also be higher. The LiftMaster 4-Button Security+2.0 Learning remote control transmitter, for instance, is just slightly under the $40 mark.

If you don’t have four gates, the extra buttons can be used to operate myQ-enabled light accessories to utilize their full potential. They can also be configured to operate other LiftMaster products like garage door openers in the future. This way, you don’t need to carry multiple remotes on your person to get from the house to your destination or to park the vehicle when coming from outside.

LiftMaster Remote Gate Opener Models

Dual Inline Package (DIP) Switch Technology Remotes

These pocket-friendly remote models are ideal for gated communities or commercial applications requiring many remote controls for a shared gate. They use DIP technology (which is slowly being phased out) to set security codes and operate gate openers remotely. Each remote can store thousands of codes, enabling unique code allocation to every user of the common gate.

DIP LiftMaster remote gate openers are typically a single button designed for a single access point. They are also compatible with Security+2.0 commercial receivers and operators. The LiftMaster model 811LM Programmable DIP remote can be programmed to previous LiftMaster DIP codes if you use an older system.

LiftMaster Passport Remotes

When used with an access control system, these remote models assign the bearer a unique ID. The administrator can tell who went through the access point from their logs. The remote holder, on the other hand, can use their card reader capabilities to access commercial buildings and amenities such as fitness centers, clubhouses, and pools in gated communities.

They all employ LiftMaster Security+2.0 technology, so your remote’s signal will be unique and encrypted with each click.

LiftMaster passport remotes come in two main versions: Passport Lite, which has one button dedicated to the gate opener and Passport MAX with three buttons that can be assigned to different gate openers or myQ light applications.

LiftMaster Security+2.0 Learning Remotes

Learning remotes are meant for domestic and gated communities as each will be programmed for a specific gate. Security+2.0 learning remotes are no exception. They come with two or four buttons that can be programmed to operate different LiftMaster gates, a LiftMaster garage door opener, or myQ light accessories.

The four buttons on LiftMaster 894LT can be programmed independently with different frequencies and codes. It can accommodate LiftMaster’s Security+315MHz, Security+390MHz and Security +2.0 applications at the same time.

LiftMaster Universal Remotes

These compact, durable remotes can be applied across most established gate opener brands because of their universal compatibility.

Visor Clips and Keychains

LiftMaster remote gate openers come with a directional visor clip or a keychain. In many instances, it is indicated as part of their name, so you will know what you are getting in advance. Their purpose is to hold them in place if you need to free your hands and to minimize misplacement. You don’t have to use them if you don’t need to.

Taking Advantage of the Gate Opener’s Scalability

Most installations will come with two remote controls, which should be sufficient for the average household. Every once in a while, you will need to enable more than two people to operate the remote gate opener; the family grows bigger, kids mature, and there might be regular visitors or workers whose reporting schedules don’t match yours.

The LiftMaster remote gate opener has a learn function on the control panel with which you can synchronize additional LiftMaster remote signals with the panel so they can also operate the gate. Their control boards can accept up to one thousand remotes connected to the LiftMaster Star 1000 antenna. You can facilitate your employees’ movement in a commercial setting, so you don’t have to hire a gatekeeper.

This ability to program additional remote controls also comes in handy when you lose one of your remotes or if it needs to be replaced for one reason or another.

At the push of a button, have your gates open or close so you can move in and out quickly. When security and speed matter, trust LiftMaster to get the job done right. Remote gate opener solutions by LiftMaster are available now. Browse our selection and find the perfect one for your needs, then contact us with any questions you may have.

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