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Magnetic locks are used as a component of a security system and do not function on their own. Magnetic locks work in conjunction with Access Control Devices that make up a security system are part of a system of devices used to grant or deny access to a location.

Listed below are typical access control devices that are used along with Magnetic Lock Systems:

Push Buttons / Exit Buttons

Push / Exit buttons work by engaging or disengaging magnetic locks when their button is pushed and come in two varieties: Push to Open and Push to Exit. As their descriptions imply, Push to Open buttons provide access to a location when their button is pushed and Push to Exit buttons grant access to exit a location. We carry a wide variety of push / exit buttons that come in numerous shapes and sizes to suit your needs.

Electric Key Switches

Similar to push buttons, electric key switches grant or deny access to your premises using a key rather than a button. Browse of inventory of key switches that you can use as part of your magnetic locking system.

Telephone Entry

Telephone entry systems can also be a part of your magnetic locking system and allow access to your premises through the use of a telephone. We carry Telephone Entry Systems from reputable brands such as Linear, Aegis and Elite.

Fingerprint Readers

For an extra level of security we suggest taking a look at offering a Fingerprint reader to your security implementation. Choose from our models of Fingerprint readers starting from $155.

Intercom systems

Unlike a full-blown telephone entry system that utilizes a phone system, an intercom system is a simple and quick way to provide two-way communication for verification purposes.

Digital keypads

If you're looking for a keyless option of providing access we'd recommend considering a digital keypad. Without the need to replace lost or stolen keys or access cards you'll be free to put your time towards other priorities.

Proximity Card Readers

Another keyless option is the use of a Proximity Card Reader. Proximity card systems use a combination of a card reader and access cards to grant access to authorized user.

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