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While all magnetic locks (also known as maglocks) serve the same purpose of securing a door or gate using magnetism, the amount of force a magnetic lock can withstand is called its holding force which is measured in pounds.

We carry a ton of magnetic locks of varying holding forces to secure your property. Below are a few quick links to magnetic locks with specific holding forces for you to choose from.

80 lb magnetic lock

Take a look at our 80 lb Magnetic Locks for small doors and cabinets.

100 lb magnetic lock

Our 100 lb Magnetic Locks are perfect for smaller projects that don't require a very large amount of holding force.

300 lb magnetic lock

The 300 lb Magnetic Locks we carry are sure to fit the needs of most security applications.

600 lb magnetic lock

600 lb Magnetic Locks are heavy duty locks and ideal for high security areas.

800 lb magnetic lock

Like 600 lb locks 800 lb Magnetic Locks are also heavy duty locks for areas requireing a higher level of security.

1200 lb magnetic lock Our selection of 1200 lb Magnetic Locks are extremely strong locks that'll provide you with peace-of-mind knowing your property is securely protected.

Take a look at our entire list of magnetic locks sorted by holding force.

Magnetic Lock Kits Besides selling individual magnetic locks we also sell magnetic lock kits that include other access control devices designed for numerous security scenarios.

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