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Magnetic locks are the most secure locks you can use. They are safe, easy to install, and provide quick access to the building. Hence, magnetic door locks are ideal for homes, offices, and commercial buildings.

What Is a Mag Lock?

Also referred to as an EM Lock or electric magnetic lock, a mag lock is a security device that prevents doors from opening without the correct credentials. You can unlock it remotely once you link an EM Lock to a switch, but only the proper credentials can access the door. Access control systems can use this kind of lock for high security, particularly with the following:

  • Electronic glass doors
  • Fire and emergency exit doors
  • Single and Standalone doors
  • Doors that require a low-cost or primary level of access control

Magnetic Lock Parts

Standard locks contain a bolt or a latch that extends into the door frame to lock, whereas magnetic locks do not have this part. Instead, they have an electromagnet and an armor plate.

An electromagnetic door lock uses the flow of electricity to create strong magnetic fields. You can control the magnet by switching on or off the flow of electricity.

How Does the Magnetic Lock Function?

Magnetic locks are a form of automated lock that uses a controllable magnetic property. The armature plate is attracted to the lock when the electromagnet is energized. This magnetic field is strong enough to lock the door and prevent it from opening. There isn't any bolt or other component that connects the door to the frame.

You can open a door remotely and permit access in two ways: by pressing the button that cuts off power to the magnetic device or using the security access system. Using a keypad, card reader, or biometric scanner, access control systems verify each individual's identity and unlock the door only to authorized users. In addition, some access control software programs come with an application that gives smartphones the ability to lock and unlock remotely.

Fail-Safe Mechanism

Maglocks function using a fail-safe system. The magnet is activated when the locking device gets electricity. The two pieces (one mounted to the wall and one screwed onto the doors) keep the door secure. Power ensures that the door stays locked. Once power is cut off, fail-safe locks automatically unlock and allow people to exit the building in an emergency.

Procedure to Lock via Access Control Systems

When access control readers transmit an electrical signal into the locking device, the access control system cuts its power for a short period. You can program the amount of time it takes for the system to open the lock.

If you install the wiring correctly, you will have no trouble unlocking your doors, especially if you use a modern, IP-based access control system such as Kisi.

The reader transmits a Bluetooth or Wifi signal to the controller. Once the controller authenticates the signal, you gain access to the door. The controller sends an electrical signal through the wire to the power supply for the lock and then cuts off the power for a brief period to open the door.

Installation Process

The electromagnet element of the lock connects to the door frame. At the same time, the armature plate attaches to the door. When a voltage passes across the electromagnet, it pulls the armature plate, and the door gets locked. Magnetic door lock systems require continuous electricity because they don't have any interconnecting mechanical components. As a result, the two parts of the lock only come in contact when the door is shut.

Advantages of Magnetic locks

When using magnetic locks for businesses, offices, facilities, and structures, there are numerous advantages.


Magnetic locks do not have moving parts. They don't jam or suffer from critical issues, and they don't get worn out as a traditional lock mechanism will.

Secure & Reliable

Additionally, no one can pick or break into this lock. Instead, locksmiths can put a magnet lock around areas with security issues.

Easy to Install

Magnetic locks are straightforward and require a few minutes to set up. First, you need to position the magnet and the armature plate at the entry point. Then, an electrician must attach the unit to the building's electrical network.


You do not need any keys for this type of lock. So, don't worry, no one can make copies of it and try to break into your place, but anyone inside can swiftly give access to someone outside and buzz them to enter the building. This locking process is quick, making it an easy and secure solution.

How to Test a Magnetic Lock

Testing the lock is an essential component of any installation process, and installation is not complete unless you put the lock through an initial test drive and verify that it works correctly.

The process is quite simple. First, connect the lock to the power source, then you check the lock's unlocking capability using the access system.

Factors to Consider

You must look for several features beyond basic functioning when installing this system.

First, consider fire safety

Different cities and buildings have different fire codes, so you may have to install a motion sensor, contact sensor, or request-to-exit button.

You may need an override manual key for your door

Although this lock is fail-safe, and you can get out even if the electricity goes off, it could be an issue with the lock that stops it from opening when you need it to. In this situation, a manual key would be beneficial. But, again, it is recommended to consult your integrator or installer about this.

Magnetic Door Locks are a Necessary Part of Security for any Home or Business

Magnet locks are secure and flexible lock systems for any office to use as its principal method of entering and exiting the building. With a fail-safe feature, they are perfect in emergencies where power is cut off and can be paired with modern access controls to offer an easy unlocking experience. These systems are becoming more and more popular due to their ease of use and added security. If you’re interested in learning more about magnetic door lock systems, or if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We would be happy to help!


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All Security Equipment

Hello Jacob! Thank you for your comment. Basically you will need a 2 Channel Receiver with a 2 Channel Remote like our FAS-MINIRX2CH, were you will be able to release 1 maglock at a time. Please let us know if you need any further assistance. We will be happy to help.



How can I turn the magnet off on the outside door and keep the inside door locked so I won’t have to unlock 2 doors to let customers inside

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