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In today's modern world, automatic swing gate openers have become much more convenient and increasingly popular amongst those who use residential, industrial, and commercial gates. In the past, you would need to exit your vehicle each time you wanted to enter your residential or business property. With the advancements in gate opener technology, all you need now to do is simply push a singular button from the comfort of your car while you wait for your gate to open.

If you want to invest in an automatic swing gate opener but are still on the fence about which one to buy, this article might be of assistance. We're going to have a look at two different swing gate openers, namely the LiftMaster LA400PKGUL and the LiftMaster LA500PKGUL.

Yet, we will also discuss the things you need to keep in mind before choosing an electric gate opener and the advantages of having an electric gate opener. That way, you can make an informed decision. So without further ado, let's get you off the fence.

Five Things To Keep In Mind Before Choosing An Electric Gate Opener

Before purchasing an electric or solar-powered swing gate opener, you need to consider a few things. Below we have listed the most important gate opener considerations you should make before purchasing the one that interests you.

1. How Heavy Your Gate Is

All gate operators are specifically engineered to work according to specific weight ranges. Some swing gate openers can handle more weight than others, so it's crucial to evaluate how heavy your gate is before purchasing one. Fitting an incorrect swing gate opener can lead to damage and unnecessary costs.

2. How Often You Plan On Opening Your Gate

Arguably one of the most important aspects you need to consider before buying an electric swing gate opener is how often you need to open your gate. Not all gate openers have the same cycle functions. Some gate openers can only open 100 times a day without risking damage. On the other hand, heavier duty or commercial gate openers have gate cycles that can open upwards of 300 times a day without risking damage.

Additionally, you need to keep in mind the power source you want to use with your gate opener, as some require more power than others to function.

3. The Size Of Your Attached Columns

It might not seem important to note, but the size of your gate columns can significantly impact your choice of gate openers. Essentially the size of your gate columns is important because your swing gate openers attach to them. You need large columns that are sturdy so that they can adequately accommodate your electric swing gate opener.

4. If You Require Backup Battery Power

Do you live in a residential area that experiences frequent storms, bad weather, or natural disasters? Or does the place where your gate will be situated experience irregular power? Should any of these issues affect you, you need to consider an electric swing gate opener with backup battery power.

Suppose you use an electric or solar-powered swing gate opener equipped with backup battery power. In that case, you won't ever experience the issue of your gate not opening or only closing partway.

5. If You Want Your Gate Opener To Function With A Remote Control

Not all types of gate openers function with a remote control. Having a swing gate opener that uses a remote control is more convenient and safer. A gate remote also means your family and guests will have easier access to your residence or business. You also won't need to leave your car to open your gate, which allows you to enter and exit faster when you are in a hurry.

What Exactly Is The LiftMaster LA400PKGUL Swing Gate Opener?

If you want a 24 volt direct current continuous duty swing gate opener that has the capabilities to run off solar power, you should consider the LiftMaster LA400PKGUL. This swing gate opener has unmatched performance, accessibility, and safety. It has been specifically constructed with durable materials and includes premium safety features.

The LiftMaster LA400PKGUL requires 120VAC to initiate, and this unit automatically and conveniently converts 120AC to 24VDC. This ensures that the built-in battery is always charged and ready to operate. The operator duty rating on this opener is 100 cycles per day, allowing it to open and close 100 times without overheating or experiencing damage.

Interestingly, the chassis on this swing gate opener is constructed to be resistant to rust due to its ¼ gold zinc steel plating. Additionally, the DC motor housing is made from heavy-duty cast aluminum. The actuator arm weight of the LiftMaster LA400PKGUL is 19 pounds, while the standard control box weight is 13 pounds.

Essentially, the LiftMaster LA400PKGUL swing gate opener is rated for use on gates up to 16 feet in length or for gates that don't weigh more than 850 pounds.

With this electric and solar swing gate opener, you can operate your gate in areas with unstable power or where power isn't readily available. Additionally, because it is solar-compatible, you can also take advantage of the residential energy efficiency property tax credit if you choose to add the solar components to your kit.

The Features And Specifications Of The LiftMaster LA400PKGUL Swing Gate Opener

There are many specifications and features that are notable with the LiftMaster LA400PKGUL. Below, we have briefly looked at a few of the very best features and some of the notable specifications you should know.

  • Equipped with security+ 2.0.
  • Has a quick close setting.
  • Features a safety reversing sensor.
  • It's UL listed.
  • Real-time gate alerts.
  • Integrated easy access control.
  • myQ smartphone app compatible.
  • It has UL classifications of I, II, III, IV.
  • There is one mainboard with the option to add on three expansion boards to monitor safety.
  • The gate travel speed is 17 seconds, and it has a 90-degree opening.

What Exactly Is The LiftMaster LA500PKGUL Swing Gate Opener?

Now that we have had a look at the LiftMaster LA400PKGUL, we can look into what exactly the LA500PKGUL swing gate opener is. The LiftMaster LA500PKGUL is a technologically advanced gate opening system that includes many innovative, user-friendly features. It also has the beneficial option of becoming a hybrid electric/solar system. In addition to this, it possesses a range of onboard safety features and can allow additional safety features to be added.

The LiftMaster LA500PKGUL swing gate motor is a full-time AC-run operation unit that works off single phase power. It needs 120VAC to initiate, and the gate arm and mainboard need 24VDC to function. Additionally, this unit has a backup battery that is kept charged through the unit's main power source.

Unlike the LiftMaster LA400PKGUL swing gate opener, the LiftMaster LA500PKGUL can complete 300 cycles per day. This makes it ideal for smaller-scale businesses and large residential homes that require a gate opener that can open frequently. The chassis housing of the LiftMaster LA500PKGUL is made with commercial-duty aluminum die casting. Moreover, the actuator arm is heavier with this unit at 35 pounds, while the standard control box weighs 13 pounds.

Ultimately, the LiftMaster LA500PKGUL can be used on gates that are no longer than 18 feet or weigh no more than 1,600 pounds.

The Features And Specifications Of The LiftMaster LA500PKGUL Swing Gate Opener

Similar to the LA400PKGUL, there are also many specifications and features we could discuss that the LiftMaster LA500PKGUL possesses. However, we have opted to only list a few of the very best features and the important specifications you should know.

  • A synchronized close setting.
  • It is Homelink compatible.
  • Comes with pre-motion warning alarms.
  • It has a security+ 2.0 onboard radio receiver.
  • Possesses an LED diagnostic display.
  • Is equipped with programmable auxiliary relays.
  • Has an anti-tailgate function.
  • Works in temperatures of -4 degrees Fahrenheit through to 140 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • The UL usage classifications are I, II, III, and IV.
  • The gate travel speed is 15 to 17 seconds for a 90-degree opening.

The Advantages Of Having A LiftMaster LA400PKGUL Swing Gate Opener Or A LiftMaster LA500PKGUL Swing Gate Opener On Your Gate

Now that you know what the LiftMaster LA400PKGUL and LiftMaster LA500PKGUL are, you can learn about the advantages of having one of these swing gate openers installed at your property or residence. Below are four of the main advantages you could look forward to experiencing.

1. It's More Convenient

With an electric or solar-powered swing gate opener, you won't need to physically open your gate ever again. This is incredibly convenient, especially during bad weather and at night when you don't want to leave the safety of your vehicle. There are various convenient ways to open your gate electronically.

With the two openers we spoke of, not only can you use a gate remote, they also work with keypads, card readers, sensors that read specific entry signals, and some even open with a smartphone application.

2. It's A Safer Option

With either of the swing gate openers, we spoke of controlling who enters and exits your business or property, which allows for a higher level of safety than other gate opener types. Additionally, because you can also control when your gate opens and closes, you will essentially ensure fewer accidents occur with pets and children.

3. Increases Property Values

It might not be well known, but it is true that in some instances, installing an electric swing gate opener increases your property value. Since electric gate openers offer increased security, safety, and privacy benefits, it is a feature that is favorably looked upon during housing evaluations for sales.

It is speculated that having an automatic gate at your property can increase your home's overall value by approximately 5 percent. Additionally, many swing gate openers attach to gates in an aesthetically pleasing manner, potentially increasing a property's value.

4. Reduces Insurance Premiums

Depending on which household insurance company you are with, you could receive reduced insurance premiums if an electric gate opener is installed. This is because certain insurance companies will take into account that you have added security measures at your property and thus will offer you a reduced premium.

Essentially, your insurance costs will be less because your home is less likely to experience a break-in with an electric gate.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, whether you choose to purchase an electric or solar-powered swing gate opener or not is your decision. However, if you are seriously considering buying one, the LiftMaster LA400PKGUL or LiftMaster LA500PKGUL could be an ideal choice because of the benefits they offer and the impressive features they possess.

For all your security needs, All Security Equipment has you covered. We are a trusted, reputable security equipment supplier that can help you find the perfect swing gate opener for your residence or business. If you would like to see examples of our previous projects or would like to speak with one of our expert security representatives, contact us today at (800) 730-8382 or visit our website.

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