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LiftMaster is one of the biggest brand names in garage door openers – and for good reason. They’ve established a reputation for high-quality products, fair prices, and reliable customer service. In this article, we’re looking at one of LiftMaster’s premiere product lines – the Elite Series.

LiftMaster Elite Series

The LiftMaster Elite Series is just what the name implies – it’s LiftMaster’s premium line of garage door openers for home use. These garage door openers contain a wealth of functionality not found on typical home openers and have exacting standards with superior construction.

The Elite Series’ most notable feature is their wireless “smart” functionality. You can integrate the opener into your existing Smart Home technology or use LiftMaster’s myQ® technology for easy wireless control. Each lift in the Elite Series has built-in wi-fi for easy set-up and operation.

LiftMaster Elite Series – 8587 and 8500

8587W Garage Door Opener

The 8587 is one of the most popular garage door openers in the Elite Series.

As mentioned above, the Elite Series boasts superior wireless and “smart” integration for extra control options. The built-in wi-fi allows compatibility with your existing Smart Home Technology, or you can set it up with LiftMaster’s MyQ mobile app. You can use the app for simple wireless control, and it’s easy to see whether the door is currently open or closed. You can set timers, adjust motion detectors, and program the door to shut automatically after a certain time.

The 8587 also works with “Key” by Amazon, allowing delivery people access to your garage for in-garage delivery. You can integrate the Amazon app with your myQ app to monitor everything in one place.

Of course, if you’d prefer to open your garage the old-fashioned way, that’s also an option. The 8578 comes with a 3-button remote, which you can customize to adjust door-opening and lighting settings.

Also notable is the amount of security features packed into the device. You can toggle Security 2.0+ to generate a new security code for the device. The PosiLock system works to electronically monitor against a forced opening, protecting your door against forced intrusion. The Smart Control Panel also contains a motion detector you can integrate into your exterior lighting to work as either illumination or deterrence.

But all these features would be for naught if the 8578W wasn’t a well-built garage door opener - and we’re happy to report that it is. It has a P3 motor and an i-beam rail system rated to lift among the heaviest garage doors. The ¾ horsepower motor-chain drive system is powerful enough to lift even carriage house doors and solid wood doors. LiftMaster puts their money where their mouth is with a lifetime warranty on the motor and 5-year coverage on parts.

Overall, it’s an excellent choice, and it’s no wonder it’s among LiftMaster’s best-selling garage door openers.

8500 Garage Door Opener – LiftMaster Elite Series

The 8500 is another of LiftMaster’s popular Elite Series. It offers similar connectivity to the 8587 but with some particular advantages in its construction and design.

As is the case with any door opener in the Elite Series, this is fully compatible with major Smart Home technology and with the myQ app. The myQ app gives you notifications about the garage door (open/closed status, motion detection, etc.) and lets you control it remotely. Users can also set timers, adjust motion detection, and more.

The 8500 comes equipped with a myQ ® technology control panel with a built-in motion detector for garage lighting. You can pre-program the control panel to automatically shut the door. Also included is a 3-button remote control for easy remote access at the press of a button.

The built-in security settings are also impressive. The Power Lock Deadbolt keeps the door shut and provides a safeguard against forced entry. The Security+ 2.0 system generates a new code each time the remote control is used. There’s also a built-in Protector System, which means that the door senses obstructions and reverses course to not shut on any people or vehicles.

Also notable about the 8500 is its wall-mounted design. The space-saving design is built to be mounted on the wall next to the garage door, taking up less space overall and requiring a less arduous installation process. It’s a powerful garage door opener with a quiet DC motor and a lifting power rated for doors up to 650 lbs. It’s covered by LiftMaster’s lifetime motor warranty and 5-year parts warranty. You can configure it with a backup battery (sold separately) to allow access during power outages.

All in all, it’s a very impressive garage door, and it’s easy to see why the Elite Series remains among LiftMaster’s most popular garage doors.

Do You Need the Elite Series?

If you’re still debating between LiftMaster’s Elite Series and a traditional garage door opener, your decision will likely rest on how much you value the “smart” integration. The competitive advantage for the Elite Series is effortless integration into your Smart Home via the myQ app. If you’re someone who values wireless access and likes to pre-program household devices and mechanisms, then you’ll surely appreciate this functionality.

But, of course, it’s not for everyone. If you want a garage door opener to open and shut your doors for you, then the Elite Series might represent more functionality than you need. If you don’t foresee using wireless connectivity, we wouldn’t recommend this product. It’s that simple.

Ultimately, it’s all about examining your own needs and requirements and matching them to a product on the market. We’ve given you all the info you need to make that choice. If you’re interested in more traditional garage door openers – check some out here.

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