Liftmaster Learning Remotes 892LT & 894LT | All Security Equipment

Let me bring to your attention an incredibly convenient and affordable solution for all of your gated community applications. The sleek and ergonomically designed LiftMaster® 2-Button Learning Remote Control (892LT) and 4-Button Learning Remote Control (894LT) deliver best-in-class performance and security. These extraordinary members of the LiftMaster family geared to help out in Gated Community Applications to help eliminate the need for multiple remotes whenever the need arises to operate LiftMaster Garage Door Openers, Gate Operators, Commercial Door Operators, or even MyQ accessories.

With an unparalleled cloning capability of these remotes you can program your existing device to any of the individually “learning” buttons which, with the independent button programming, allows each and every one of those buttons to be programmed for different frequency and code, from the Security+ 2.0 (Tri-band 310/315/390 MHz) and Security+ 315 MHz and even the older Security 390 MHz and existing LiftMaster DIP Switch Remotes like the 61LM and 361LM or even the encrypted DIP Switch remote controls such as the 811LM.

This is an invaluable tool for gated communities where the homeowners have overhead garage doors simply because it helps streamline the number of remotes in each residents vehicle.

So if you want to minimize the number of remotes that you have to carry, and you want the very best of the industry standard in remote transmitters and receivers, give us a call toll-free at 1-800-730-8382 or buy the 894LT or 892LT remotes on our site and give these jewels a try…

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