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Lets talk about maglocks today, and the variety of maglocks that are available today to cover every need, wish and application imaginable… from the very basic child-proofing the cabinets with mini 80Lbs holding force maglock to the unbreakable outdoor rated CE1625LSWR model with enough muscle to stop a herd of cattle from prying open a livestock pen fence…

But the first thing we need to do when designing a maglock system is determine whether it is going to be mounted indoor or the effects of weather if it is going to be mounted outdoor where it will have to brave the elements?

Once that is determined you will have to decide, if mounted outdoors, the type of installation and what type of door or gate it will have to secure. We carry Gate maglocks from 400 Lbs thru 1300 Lbs of holding force and it is also important to decide whether it will be “flush mount” or a “surface mount” so that you get the exact fit specified.

If you are mounting it indoors then we need to determine whether it will be a commercial application, in which case you will have to install a full UL Listed maglock by code. Another issue to determine is whether your door opens to the inside or does it open outward? If your door opens outward then there will be nothing else needed, on the other hand, if your door opens inward you may need to consider a device called a Z-bracket which will enable you to use your maglock on the door frame and still manage to secure your door from the inside.

Now consider your power source, would a simple transformer be enough for your specific installation or perhaps your installation is a bit more critical and will require a battery back-up in case of a complete power failure.

You may want to do away with the concept that maglocks are just for locking doors, not anymore, in essence I have seen maglocks being used for such purposes as securing Subwoofers on the back of a pickup truck, for securing bikes in condominium bike racks, for securing a prescription room in a county clinic as well as securing a very hidden door panel in a safe room with a keyless entry.

So the next time your client has one of those “out of this world” applications like securing a tool or gun cabinet or bolting on wings to his car so it’ll fly… well maybe not that one, think of maglocks and the myriad of applications they can be customized to fit in.

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