Jimmy is having some issues with his LiftMaster reciver and remotes connected to an Apollo gate opener system… I have an Apollo 1500 swing gate opener with 635 Control Board. I have the LiftMaster 312HM Receiver with 61LM remotes hooked to it. My remotes stop working. I replaced the receiver with a duplicate. The learn light comes on but remotes will not program. The light stays on 30 seconds. It will not go off when trying to program remote. The setting on remotes were not changed.

Answer: Hi Jimmy, you have been victim of a commonly made mistake, I hate to inform you that your devices are not compatible as your LiftMaster 312HM receiver is a 315Mhz “learning” receiver and your LiftMaster 61 LM transmitter are 390Mhz, Trinary (on, - , off) dip switch programmable. I am not sure how many transmitters you have but you have a choice of replacing your receiver with a LiftMaster 412HM which is identical to the 312HM but is in fact a 390Mhz Billion Code/Dip receiver and will learn your remotes or you may replace your remotes with the newer LiftMaster 371LM transmitters which are 315Mhz (like the 312HM) with the enhanced rolling code Security+ System.

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