Question: Hector wanted to know about his Apollo operator… We have a 7300ETL opener and I am having an issue with readjusting the open and close limit. It appears, cold weather somewhat messes up the cycle when opening my gates.

Answer: Hello Hector, the good news is that the model 7300 from Apollo is rarely affected by weather, especially the limits as they are magnetic reed switches with the actual magnets physically bolted to the chain as you can see on page 11 of the installation manual. What this means is that neither rain nor shine nor sleet or snow will affect its ability to work or the limits and unless your chain has been cut, they will always stop in the exact same place. However with that being said you may want to check the actual limit reed switches or call a gate maintenance company that can check your charging system and control peripherals.

Second question from Hector: Thanks for your quick and helpful reply. After reading your message, I read something that the installer did not include in the install. That was the magnets for the closed and open limits. I was guessing that these functions were programmed into the system, that apparently is my issue, and the reason why I cannot set the open limit and my gate just wants to go on, plus the gate overworks and then will not come on. Please advise.

Answer: Hello again Hector, please contact me directly and I will be more than happy to give you a quote on the limits and the magnets you need.

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