Bill is asked: I just purchased a 2013 Mercedes Benz, how do I program my gate to work with the Homelink in my vehicle?

Answer: This is a two-step operation… First we need to program the receivers frequency to the vehicle, this is done by powering up the accessories in your vehicle without starting it up, then press and hold the “Homelink” button you wish to program until it begins to blink, without releasing it now put your 971LM 4-6 inches away from the Homelink and press the transmitters button until the Homelink’s blinking rate speeds up. Once that happens just release both buttons and press the Homelink’s button for 1-2 seconds and release. Step two is the actual programming of the gate receiver… press the “ADD” button on your Star450, within 30 seconds press the Homelink button you just programmed on your vehicle then press the “SAVE” button on your receiver again.. Now enjoy using your gate from your new vehicle!!! Have questions regarding our products?

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