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A multi-code remote is a device that helps you open and close your garage door remotely. As a garage owner, having this device will help you save time and all of the hassle of having to do things manually.

The multicode remote control comes along with other added security features to ensure the safety of your garage. Before you start enjoying the benefit that the device comes with here is a step by step guide on how to set up your remote control system. 

Discover your remote control

This step is critical and helps you to locate your remote or transmitter.

Test your remote

When setting up the system, to ensure that your remote is functioning well, it is highly recommended that you do the testing at different angles. This will help you ensure that your control system is in a position to communicate well with your door while at a distance.

In the event your remote fails, pressing your wall button will help open it. However, in case the door fails for the second time after pressing the wall button, chances are your operator has issues. If it opens after pressing the wall button it is a good indicator that your radio transmitter has some matters that needs to be fixed.

Locate your radio code

Depending on the manufacturer of your remote control, finding your radio code may be tricky. However, removing your back cover of your receiver or locating dip switches near your receiver's battery compartment will help you trace the codes very quickly. 

Typically your radio codes are switched up. The same codes your radio has should be the same as the receiver and the remote switch statutes. In case they are not similar, you should consider returning your system to your dealer or manufacturer.

Set up your radio code

To set up these codes, you can select the digits by using a screwdriver.


After setting up your codes and ensuring that the above rules have been followed, now it’s time to test if your new programming works. Before testing, you should also ensure that the removed covers of your receiver and remote have been snapped back. If your garage door opens, you can go ahead and start using your door opener.

In case the devices cannot be synchronized, it is advisable for you to contact your dealer or manufacturer for advice. Always ensure that your remote has been kept in a safe place where no un-authorized parties can have access.

Summing Up

A well programmed multicode remote controlsystem is a worthwhile investment which can help you enhance your security.

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