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Security is a top priority for both office and home owners. To prevent unwanted entry into the property you need strong security measures. Installing a Telephone Entry System in your home or commercial property will act as a protective shield that allows you to check the identity of a person before entry. The telephone entry is a speed-dialer that is connected to a phone line. A guest dials the code number and the system converts that call into a regular telephone call for you.

A telephone entry system is both time and cost efficient for the owners. It is the best possible way to prevent outside forces infringe upon your property. The security system deals with the constant expense and time taken to replace the lost keys. Keeping track of entries and exit is possible now with this entry system. Install a residential telephone entry system in your home to keep a track of the exits and entries. Linear Telephone Entry System is one of the most trusted devices to secure the property.

Linear Telephone Entry System

A perfect telephone entry system will be the idle protective device for your home or resident. It is the electronic communications system intended for limited or private dialogue, direction, and announcements. It can be portable or mounted permanently in the buildings. The system can incorporate a connection to cell phones, computers, and other devices.

Some of the best telephone entry systems are –

Linear AE-100 Commercial Telephone Entry System

It is a primary access control device for commercial sites with up to 125 residents. It provides access to full duplex telephone communications between visitors and residents. The system also has a built-in microphone and a tamper-resistant speaker.

Linear AE1000 Plus Commercial Telephone Entry with Access Control

It is an advanced commercial telephone entry system with access control capabilities. The entry system also supports and request-to-exit and door status monitoring.

Linear AE2000 Plus Telephone Entry System with Access Control

This advanced Telephone Entry System has access control capabilities and is used for sites with up to 4 doors or gates, each supporting request-to-exit and door status monitoring.

Linear AE-500 Commercial Telephone Entry System

This entry system is for facilities with 250 residents or users. It features a side-lit 12 key telephone style keypad with bright, easy to read graphics and housed in a rugged stainless steel.

Linear RE-1 Residential Telephone Entry System This telephone entry system is designed for residential or light commercial access control. It also has a keypad, radio receiver, and optional video camera housed in an enclosed enclosure.

Linear RE-2 Residential Telephone Entry System

It is a contemporarily styled telephone entry system for residents. The entry system has a speakerphone, keypad, radio receiver, and optional video camera.

The Linear Telephone Entry System is one of the best supportive devices providing security to residents and commercial properties. Buy an telephone entry system that that fulfills your requirements and at the same time is cost-effective.

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