How does the PB1200 Photo Beam work? | All Security Equipment

Glen has a bit of an enigma here… How does the Model PB1200 Photo Beam Safety Sensor work? We have a gate that we need to have open when a car approaches to leave the property. Does this require electrical power or can it run off of the gate opener battery?

Answer: Well Glen allow me to explain, it entirely depends on which model operator you own. If your operator does have a battery backup AND you are supplying power to the photocell from the operator control panel, then the answer is yes it will continue to function even during a power failure or power outage. However if you have it connected on anything other than the operators control board, or if the operator or your attached power supply does not have a battery backup system, then unfortunately it will not work at all. However all that being said, the safest way to do it would be to install an EMX CS202S-5 Electronic Exit Probe which is buried parallel to your driveway and will only open your gate when it feels a heavy metallic object moving thru its magnetic field, it only costs you

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