What factors decide whether you use a pad mount or a column mount actuator type of operator. Amazingly enough it is no longer determined by length and weight, as the newer operators such as the Liftmaster LA500 is powerful enough to move the same gate that the RSW12V does. Also the cost of both units in this day and age are close enough to not be an issue. So we come back to the original question, what is the deciding factor in the use of a pad mount versus a post mount actuator?

The most commonly used reason would be aesthetics, some folks just don’t like that big box mounted in front of their beautiful and extremely expensive columns, others want the gates to open outward due to interior space constraints and the pad mounts just won’t do that… Now others do prefer the pad mount and the illusion of power that a big operator bolted to a large concrete pad gives them. However let us clear the air… It is pretty much about personal choice when it comes to residential operators, but when we refer to commercial operators for gated communities, commercial plazas, parking lots and industrial applications the pad mount 1HP+ operator is probably going to be the norm as well as what the job requires, in hindsight, you just better make sure your gates swing inward when installing them!

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