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Are you new to the world of Magnetic Locks? Let us bring you up to speed on Magnetic Locks so you can make an informed decision when purchasing one.

Magnetic locks, also known as Electromagnetic locks consists of two main parts, an electromagnet and an armature plate. The Electromagnet portion of the system is attached to the door frame while the armature plate is attached to the door itself.

How they function

An electric current is used to lock a door by magnetically attracting the armature plate to the electromagnet located on the door frame. To unlock the door, the electric current is interrupted and the magnetic attraction force of the electromagnet is stopped allowing the door to be opened.

Holding force

Magnetic locks come in a variety of holding forces measured in pounds which range from 80 lbs all the way up to 1625 lbs. The holding forces describe the amount of force the lock can withstand to secure a door.

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