So Edgar is wondering about the following issue: Hello, I have a Chamberlain CPWR3 receiver that does not work properly. I see that the warranty on this receiver is for 3 years. The Mfg. Date on the receiver is 07/17/12, so the warranty is still valid. The serial number of the receiver is SN5100193. There is also this number on the back of the receiver: 071712010. How do I get this repaired?

Answer: I think you are correct about the length of time of your warranty, however your warranty is against manufacturing defects for three years, unfortunately the manufacturing date is actually in 2010, that number on the back (071712010) is actually your manufacturing date and I hate to inform you that your receiver is actually out of warranty, discontinued and no longer in existence, so it kind of impossible to replace… they have been out of stock for quite some time.

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