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Known for their quality and durability, FAAC Gate Openers are a solid choice to secure your home or business property. FAAC openers come in swing gate openers, slide gate openers and barrier gate openers that are sure to meet the needs of even the most demanding customer.

FAAC Swing Gate Openers

Priced from $464.45 our FAAC swing gate openers will be a reliable component to your swing gate installation. Sold alone or as part of a gate operator kit we're sure you'll find a model and price range to suit your needs. FaacGateSystems.com sells FAAC swing gate models: FAAC DSW2000, FAAC 390, FAAC 400, FAAC 402, FAAC 412, FAAC 415, FAAC 422, FAAC 750, FAAC 760 and FAAC 770.

FAAC Slide Gate Openers

If you're looking for a slide gate opener to manipulate your slide gate, FaacGateSystems.com offers a solid selection of FAAC slide gate openers to get the job done and start from $1013.70. Our slide gate openers include models: FAAC DSL2000, FAAC 746 (Rack and Pinion or Chain) and FAAC 844 (Rack and Pinion or Chain).

FAAC Barrier Gate Openers

If you're in the market for a FAAC barrier gate we strongly recommend FAAC Barrier Gate Openers as a rock-solid option to secure your premises. Our FAAC barriers are priced from $1194.40 and we offer: FAAC 615, FAAC 620 and FAAC 640.

FAAC Gate Opener Kits

Want to save time sourcing accessories for your FAAC opener? Look no further, we offer pre-assembled FAAC gate operator kits to choose from with kits starting as low as $950.

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