FAAC S800H In-ground Hydraulic 24V Swing Gate Operator | All Security Equipment

OK then, how many of you have had to install those really cool in-ground operators? How many of you have been requested that the operator you just installed to open the gate 90 degrees, open said gate 135 degrees? Well I have the solution to your problem and it is the FAAC-S800H In-ground Operator for gate leafs weighing in at a maximum of 1760 pounds and up to 13 feet in length.

These are the battery backed up, 24VDC hydraulic (which means sealed) positive stop (which means no limit switches to misfire), up to 180 degree opener that will work under almost any condition, powerful enough to sweep the snow off your driveway yet gentle enough not to dent your car. Powered and flawlessly controlled by the advanced logic FAAC E024U control board and UL Listed.

Now let's talk about the cool stuff. Let's start with the fact that it’s invincible… which means no unsightly boxes or arms pulling and pushing your gates, it mounts under the hinged post of your gate and works as a bottom hinge thanks to the load bearing steel or stainless steel box. This operator comes with FAAC’s state of the art loop rack which already contains inputs and outputs for a free exit, safety and shadow loops as well as accepting the FAAC PLD1500 plug-in loop detector and it also has the FAAC 433 Receiver already built in, also built in is a magnetic encoder so it gives you a soft start/soft stop operation that helps maintain the longevity of your hinges, operators and gates themselves. It becomes painfully obvious that they, I am referring to the engineers at FAAC, have thought this one thru they even have an extension arm specifically designed to help you resolve any alignment issues you might have.

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