FAAC S418 Swing Gate Opener | All Security Equipment

One of FAAC’s latest additions is the stylish FAAC S418 electro-mechanical swing gate operator, its powerful 24V motor will allow you to move gate leafs of up to 500lbs at 100% duty cycle.

The S418 was designed to provide great versatility and power yet at an economical price tag, Its sleek cast aluminum body design provides not only a great aesthetical component to your gate but also a durable armature to withstand the pass of time. The S418 just like the rest of its FAAC siblings is made to last.

Some other very interesting features of this modern operator are the built in positive stops integrated to the arm body, a new control board with anti-crushing system and a virtual encoder for inversion of obstacle that makes it safer for most residential and light commercial applications

The Batteries provide a REAL emergency back-up and are not needed to run the operator under normal conditions.

Pair this beautiful system with your desired access control configuration and enjoy years of reliable worry free gate control.

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